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CP672 Proved by the Consumer Reports in America
images Following the success in Europe, Nexen Tire was also recognized in America for the superb quality. In the recent tire performance test done by the Consumer Reports, a powerful American consumer magazine, Nexen's CP672 came the 3rd out of the 20 global brands.
A non-profit making group called Consumers' Association founded the Consumer Reports in 1936 to test the products sold in America and show the first-hand results to the consumers in the country. It is the most powerful consumer magazine in the States.
In the tire test, 10 different categories including breaking performance, driving stability, hydroplaning, comfort and noise were assessed both on dry and wet roads. Nexen's CP672 came the 3rd out of 20 products in the speed rating H (max. speed 210km/h). Besides, Nexen scored high marks in breaking performance, the most important requirement for safe driving, and noise which is a vital element for comfortable driving.
Nexen's premium tire, CP672 has special design technology that reinforces comfort, breaking performance and driving stability to satisfy all the different needs of the driver. It is sold in the domestic market and also exported to North America where four seasons are clearly distinct. As Nexen Tire's flagship product, CP672 is also provided as Original Equipment to many renowned car assembly plants.
CP672 was also awarded with the 'Good Design' by the Korea Design Award and with the 'Best Ride' in the recent tire test done by 'Motor Trend', a powerful Chinese automobile magazine. The product continuously receives favorable comments globally. "CP672's excellent performance is recognized in America, the battle field of automobile." Vice President of the R&D Function, Min-Hyeon Han stresses, "The test was done by the most renowned consumer magazine in America. Nexen Tire's thorough quality management is now bringing good results in the global market."