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The Charms of Korean Winter, found in Seorak Mountain
The most beautiful and gracious mountain in Korea must be Seoraksan.
The Chinese letter for ‘Seor’ of ‘Seoraksan’ means snow. The snow that starts to be piled up from autumn completes Seoraksan in winter.
images Within only 2 hours from Seoul, the capital of Korea, you can reach the most beautiful winter mountain, Seoraksan. The old folks must have thought of snow when they thought of Seoraksan. Just like seasonal food is most delicious in the right season, Seoraksan is most beautiful in its right season. And the right season for Seoraksan is winter. That is probably why so many people choose to leave for Seoraksan in the winter time. The mountain itself is not so difficult to climb. If families help each other pushing and pulling, it will be a joy. And if one climbs alone making companions with the snow-covered silent nature, it will also be a pleasure.
In Sokcho,the city where Seoraksan is sitting, you will find one of the world’s best hot spring. Cheoksan hot spring can be called one of the best in the world in its water quality and the medicinal effect. It is so pleasing just to think of the hot bath one will take after a long climbing on a cold winter day. Sokcho is already a beautiful city itself. But it is like a small city floating on hot spring water that attracts many visitors year after year.

In Gangneung, a city nearby Seoraksan, you will find many famous tourist attractions. We would like to recommend you to visit the beautiful seaside like Gyeongpodae and Jeongdongjin in Gangneung. Gangneung’s new Coffee Museumis another attraction. Now, Gangneung became popular as the Mecca of Coffee. To savor a cup of sweet coffee looking out the winter sea is as pleasing as to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Seoraksan.
images It is most probable to meet snowy weather when you travel around Seoraksan, Sokcho and Gangneung. Sometimes, you will meet heavy snow. However, don’t be afraid, my friend, if you are equipped with Nexen’s winter tire ‘WINGUARD ice’. With Nexen’s winter tire, WINGUARD ice, you will be able to enjoy any winter weather in any place. The great breaking performance on snowy and icy road, the perfect handling and excellent wear performance will guarantee the most optimized driving on a snowy road. Now, the heavy snow in Seoraksan is not a threat you should be afraid of but an opportunity for you to enjoy the thrills of snow driving.
If you wish to fully enjoy the area of Seoraksan and Gangneung, stay more than a day at least. You will find a lot of pensions with various themes around Seoraksan. Find one that suits your interest and book it in advance. Comfortable and quite pensions are sought after these days for ‘healing’ is the most popular concept.
Another year is coming to an end. Why don’t you treat yourself with a winter trip to Seoraksan for all the hard work you have done during the year.