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Nexen Tire’s Premium UHP Product Brand N’FERA
images Let us introduce you Nexen Tire’s new product brand N’FERA.

On top of the existing brand system, the ‘N’ and ‘CP’ series for passenger vehicles and ‘ROADIAN’ series for SUVs, Nexen Tire is launching a top premium brand ‘N’FERA’.

 The N of N’FERA comes from Nexen and Fera means ‘wildness’ and ‘to speed’ in Latin. The products in the N’FERA series are premium Ultra High Performance tires made for speed that feature excellent safety and great driving comfort. The N’FERA SU1 introduced in the Webzine October issue was also from this brand.
▶ link for further information on N’FERA SU1
Between 2012 and 2013, five products will be launched under the premium brand name, N’FERA.

N’FERA SU1 for luxury sedans and N’FERA RU1 for premium SUVs are European premium tires. Both of them feature improved handling performance. N’FERA SU1 was launched in the second half of 2012 while RU1 has the launch planned for the first half of 2013.
For the sensitive customers in the domestic market, the comfort SUV tire N’FERA RU5 and passenger vehicle tire AU5 with outstanding driving and low noise are lined up for the launch in the first half of 2013.