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Meet our Ambitious Elite Troop, the Dubai Branch!
Dubai, one of United Arab Emirates' city, has been rapidly developing to become the hub of the world trade, finance and tourism. The 7 star hotel 'Burj Al Arab' and the artificial islands which are one of the 8 wonders of the world are good examples of Dubai's unbelievable projects that attract loads of tourists and businessmen from abroad.
images In Dubai, Nexen Tire established Dubai branch in 2009 to extend the business to the Middle East and Africa. Five people are working for Dubai branch including the branch manager Chang-Eun Yoon. As a veteran salesman and an area expert who knows the Middle East and Africa like the back of his hand, the branch manager Chang-Eun Yoon has the know-how to catch other people's character by observing their behaviors and speech.
images Assistant manager Allen Seok, who is in charge of Africa, has been focusing on sales in Africa since joining the company. He is a cheerful and eloquent salesman who likes to hang out with people.
The other assistant manager In-hwan Cho works for Quality Assurance Team. He is a quiet person for most of the times but he has sense of humor to make everyone laugh at meal times. Cho is a good supporter for everyone in the sales team.
The local employee Mohammed Masiyuddin is a very loyal person. He has mature personality for his age and we call him 'old baby'.
And Catherine, the newly joined secretary lights up the whole office with her cheerful smile. Everyone in the Dubai branch is like family to each other. They would regularly exercise together in the evening or at the weekend to motivate and encourage one another.
With the growing demands, they have to work into the evening more often this year. But the regular exercise they have been doing since last year physically keeps them going. At festival times, the families of the employees would also get together to have a good time.
images When Allen first came to Dubai as the Africa contact, he had whole new cultural experiences. He recollects the memory of his first trip to Angola. The plane was full of hustle and bustle until the seat belt signs came on to prepare for landing. Then sudden silence fell upon the plane. When finally the plane landed safely, the passengers all started to cheer and clap and some of them would even sing traditional songs and dance when they went out to the terminal. It was a strange scene for him. But later on, Allen learned that it was the cheer of gratitude and relief since there had been many accidents in Angola when planes were taking off and landing. The experience made him feel the sentiment of the still pure and innocent Africans.
Sales in the Middle East and Africa have been growing steadily since the foundation of the Dubai branch. Dubai branch is managing well in 2012 albeit the difficult circumstances and they will continue to contribute to the company in 2013. They will always try to keep the good relationship with the local partners and make Dubai branch more successful in the future.