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Visit Seoul’s Bukchon Village and Insadong, for Korea’s traditional taste
images “I feel overwhelmed when I enter Bukchon Village. I am enchanted by the energy exuded from the old things. I don’t need to eat to be full.”

Seoul is an international city. While not much cultural inheritance is left in other places of Seoul, Bukchon Village has attracted many people. Along with Bukchon Village, the nearby Insadong also has vestiges of tradition in every corner. The large White porcelain from Chosun dynasty that is called the ‘Moon Pot’ for its moon-like lenity, the sophisticated chest with hinged flap, the huge traditional writing brush and the fine colors of the embroidery… Insadong and Bukchon Village are living museums. In such traditional places, you can also find galleries with contemporary arts, which will make the stroll ever more pleasant.
These streets that represent Korea’s traditional culture are thronged with antique shops, galleries and paper hangers. Every corner of the cultural streets has something ‘special for Insadong’ that we would really want to see and that is the trail of the tradition we find in these streets.
images Bukchon Village is also becoming popular for the tasty food. In Bukchon Village and Insadong, one can experience everything from Korean traditional dishes to modern menus. Among the inexpensive dishes you can have in this area, Bibimbap and Kalguksu (noodle soup) are very popular. It doesn’t take long for a foreigner to fall in love with Bibimbap with various seasonings. One bowl of Bibimbap will make him miss the food in Bukchon Village even when he goes back to his hometown. Many restaurants here are also famous for good western food like chicken and steak so visitors from overseas need not worry about upset stomach. However, we would like to strongly recommend you to taste Bibimbap and Bulgogi cooked with Korean beef once you are in Korea.
Where the traditional culture is breathing in small streets, Insadong and Bukchon Village are great representation of Korea and precious pearls.