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F1경기의 중심지, 영암을 멋진 여행지로 추천합니다.
images The southernmost part of Korea, Jeollanamdo Youngam.
It is a popular destination full of romance and pleasure. We recommend Youngam that boasts 809 meter high Wolchulsan Mountain as a place to visit this winter. Youngam has delicious dishes and beautiful scenery but also has another special fun. The fact is that it is the center of Korean motor sports.
The world’s biggest speed festival ‘2012 F1 Korea Grand Prix’ was indeed great. So Youngam attracts visitors not only with its natural beauty but also with the motor sports. The F1 games in Youngam will make our visit much richer. Some people plan their trip according to the F1 game schedule. Racing cars dashing through with a deafening roar, just to think about it is already thrilling.
images Even those who do not know much about cars get excited when they see roaring racing cars. It’s because when watching the cars on the circuit dashing with unbelievable speed, one feels all the stress has been swept away. The top racers in the world go around 20 countries for a year to participate in 20 racing games.The score of each round will be added up to decide the F1 Champion. Among the formula cars that have long and low body with thick, protruding tires, racing for under 8 cylinder 3,000 cc is called F1. This year’s game was held at the Korea International Circuit in Samho-eup Youngam-gun Jeollanam-do between October 12 and 14. It was the third game to be held in Korea and was filled with excitement while all the top racers including Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel appeared. Motor sports manias also love the ‘Nexen Tire Speed Racing Game’ it is held at the F1 Korea International Circuit in Youngam around 5 times a year.