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Title Nexen Tire supplies OE tires to Volkswagen, Germany Date2013-12-03

Nexen Tire supplies OE tires to Volkswagen, Germany
- Volkswagen’s bestselling Polo will be fitted with the eco-friendly, performance tire
 N’blue HD
- Nexen Tire set to expand global OE supply with greater brand awareness
Nexen Tire announced that it had been selected as the official supplier of OE tires for the Volkswagen Group (Germany), one of the largest carmaker in Europe. Indeed, Nexen Tire is to supply tires for Polo, VW’s bestselling model, from January 2014.
Under the OE tire supply agreement, Nexen N’blue HD tire will run on almost all the roads in Europe with POLO.
The N’Blue HD is an eco-friendly performance tire with excellent steering stability. It is currently enjoying considerable popularity in global markets, including Europe, thanks to its superior performance in raising fuel efficiency.
In September last year, Auto Express, one of the major auto magazines in the U.K., awarded the N’blue HD highest grade for its steering stability on wet roads and hydroplaning performance, placing it third among the top eight global brand products.
Nexen Tire expects that this new OE contract will improve its brand awareness and enable it to secure a wider customer base in the European market.
Nexen Tire Vice Chairman Hyun-Bong Lee said, “We have met Volkswagen’s strict quality standards and now we are supplying tires to the carmaker as a result of our commitment to quality and technology. We will continue to invest in R&D to expand our production capability and improve our brand value, raising our position in the global market.”
In addition to the recent OE contract with Volkswagen, Nexen Tire has also won OE tire supply contracts with many other global carmakers, including Mitsubishi (Japan), Fiat (Italy) and Chrysler (the U.S.), expanding its sales in the global market.

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