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Title Nexen Tire, Continuous Design Award Winning Date2013-12-03

Nexen Tire, Continuous Design Award Winning

The NEXEN TIRE N9000 also became the first Korean produced product to receive the main prize at the Japan Good Design Awards (G-Mark) which makes it triple crown for N9000. In this contest, N9000 scored highly for its extraordinary design with a lightning bolt-shaped ‘Z’ as motif and its outstanding performance.

Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE once again proved the superiority of its product design with N’FERA SU4, a model for premium sedans, which received an award for at the Korea ‘Good Design Award (GD)’.

Also, N’FERA RU5 and N’Priz SH9J won the main prize and N’FERA SU4 won the silver at the Korea ‘PIN-UP Design Award’.

NEXEN TIRE continues to demonstrate its competitiveness in tire design by winning prizes at international awards year after year. This prize gives NEXEN TIRE the momentum to continue to provide customers with new value through innovative and creative ideas.

# The Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark),
Established in 1957, is one of the most prestigious international design contests in the world and is held by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. It is a design award that bestows the prestigious G-Mark to only those products who pass a comprehensive evaluation of everything from living and industrial factors through to social and environmental scorecards.

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