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Title NEXEN Tire Scores High in Consumer Reports Tire Tests – One of the Most Renowned Tire Tests in the U.S. Date2012-10-24

-CP672 achieved particularly outstanding results in the tests performed by the U.S. consumer magazine.

NEXEN Tire has received recognition for its superior quality in the U.S., which builds on its success already achieved in Europe.

NEXEN Tire announced on that its high performance tire, CP672, was ranked third among 20 tire brands as judged in the latest comparative testing conducted by the U.S. Consumer Reports magazine. 

The Consumer Reports, one of the world’s most influential consumer magazines, has, since its foundation by Consumers Union in 1936, conducted independent tests of the consumer products sold in the U.S. and maintained its record of publishing the results . 

The testing included braking in the wet and dry, handling, hydroplaning, ride comfort and noise. CP672 placed third out of 20 tire brands in the tests for H speed rated tires (max. speed 210km/h). In particular, the product scored very high for its braking and noise performance, proving its superiority in safety and comfort.

Specifically designed for the purpose of boosting ride comfort, braking and handling performance, CP672 satisfies consumers’ core needs. It is one of NEXEN’s main products, being a tire fit for family cars that has been sold in domestic and overseas automobile markets. CP672 has also proved its excellent performance both domestically in Korea and overseas, having been awarded the Korean Good Design Award and the Best Ride Award by Motor Trend China.

“CP 672 has gained recognition for its superior performance in the U.S., the big arena for competition among automobile industry,” says Lee, Hyun Bong, vice president of NEXEN Tire. “The test result is very meaningful in that it shows the NEXEN’s endeavour in quality management is continuing to generate a positive outcome in the global market.”

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