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Title N’blue HD praised for its quality by British Auto Magazine “Auto Express” Date2012-10-24

Europe, one of the biggest tire markets in the world has recognized the quality and brand power of Nexen Tire. At the tire performance test carried out by the biggest British auto magazine; Auto Express, N’blue HD came the third overall amongst 8 major brands including Michelin, Good Year and Bridgestone.
In this general performance test, the tires were subjected to wet and dry handling stability, braking, cornering, hydroplaning in straight and curved road, noise and fuel consumption tests.
N’blue HD scored the best marks in wet handling stability and hydroplaning resistance, coming the third in the overall ranking among the globally renowned tire brands.
In the September issue of Auto Express where the test results were reported, it says, “Nexen Tire that has been building a strong market status in Europe just made an impressive debut in this test.” The magazine also reported that “Nexen Tire’s N’blue HD is a distinguished eco product with excellent handling stability and with low fuel consumption. It is well received not only in Europe but in other overseas markets.”
Auto Express is one of the most acknowledged British auto magazine founded in 1988. It reports the latest automobile news, riding reviews and various test results for the consumers.
Nexen’s Vice Chairman Hyun-Bong Lee says in his statement, “Our products are highly commended in Europe, the world tire makers’ competition arena. Nexen Tire’s persistent endeavour in product design and quality management is bringing good results in the global market,” he emphasized.

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