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Title Nexen Tire exhibits at Shanghai Motors Show Date2011-04-20

Nexen Tire exhibits at Shanghai Motors Show
-. Attracted great popularity at the Shanghai Motor Show
-. Showcasing a variety of products and unveiled new products of N’blue ECO and HD
Nexen Tire showed its range at the Shanghai Motor Show that was held for 10 days from the 19th until the 28th of April, Nexen Tire participated to to increase awareness of the brand, establish the company’s standing as an international tire manufacturer and broaden the basis for the Chinese OEM market.
Nexen Tire showed summer and winter car tires, such as the UHP tire N9000, SUV-focused tires like the Rodian HT or Rodian HP, OE products and two Eco-tires, on its 200 m² stand. Of significance are tires important to the Chinese market, primarily the HP all season CP672, P225/60R16 tire. Nexen Tire representatives said China is an essential growth market for Nexen. Having built a factory in China (Qingdao) in 2006, Nexen has the necessary production capacity to service the growing demand in China. By 2015, the factory will be turning out 10 million tires per year.
N’blue ECO/HD, CP672 and other various products were displayed
Various products in 6 zones (UHP, strategic products for Chinese market, SUV/Winter, OE, environment friendly and high tech) drew the attention of dealers and visitors. Especially, the sports car, Audi R8 equipped with N8000 and the SUV, Porsche Cayenne S with Roadian HP made a big impression on the viewers.
At this show, 1,100 vehicles were on exhibition and 75 vehicles were unveiled first time. 2,700 media companies and 9,872 reporters were competing to send out news and more than 70 automakers and 7 tire manufacturers The exhibition, held since 1985, has achieved international standard. Besides the major tire manufacturers, the exhibition also features leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

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