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Title Nexen Tire sponsors ‘2011 CJ Super Race Championship’ for two consecutive years Date2011-04-20

Nexen Tire sponsors ‘2011 CJ Super Race Championship’ for two consecutive years
-. Sponsoring the pro racing team, ‘KTdom’

Nexen Tire is the official sponsor of the ‘Nexen N9000 Class’ for two consecutive years at the biggest motor sports event in Korea, ‘2011 CJ Super Race Championship’.

On May 12th, Nexen held a signing ceremony for the official sponsorship with Super Race Co., Ltd. Who is the host of the ‘2011 CJ Super Race’. The ‘Super 1600 Class’ from last year has changed its name to ‘Nexen N9000 Class’.

‘2011 CJ Super Race Championship’ will hold 7 races and the opening ceremony was held on May 24th at the Youngam International Circuit in Jeonnam. N9000 will be fitted to all the vehicles that enter the ‘Nexen N9000 Class’ to show off the real value of the high performance UHP tire.

Vice President Byung Woo Lee from Nexen Tire says in a statement, “This official sponsorship will be a very good opportunity for us to promote the technology of Nexen Tire and to raise our brand power. We will continue to reinforce our sports marketing and provide the best quality products to become the most favored tire company.”

Nexen Tire also concluded an official sponsorship contract with the famous racing team, KTdom.

There was the signing ceremony for the sponsorship at the KTdom building in Seoul on May 18th. It was the place where Nexen’s official sponsorship of KTdom was announced for the ‘2011 CJ Super Race 1600cc; Nexen N900 Class’. The sponsorship will last for the whole event from the 1st to the 7th round of the 2011 CJ Super Race.

Since the foundation in 2005, KTdom has found many super rookies and produced many new champions. They won the first prize at the ‘Nexen N9000 Class’ and the second prize at the ‘Super 2000 Class’ of the ‘CJ Super Race 2010’

Nexen Tire runs the ‘Nexen Tire RV Championship’ which is the biggest RV and SUV racing event in Korea. By sponsoring the KTdom racing team for the ‘Nexen N9000 Class’ at the ‘2011 TVing Super Race’, Nexen now actually became the representative enterprise of the domestic motor sports. Nexen Tire is also the main sponsor of the pro baseball team, Nexen Heroes.

 “We are happy to sponsor the best Korean racing team, KTdom.” Vice President Byung Woo Lee from Nexen Tire said in a statement. “As a representative tire manufacturer of Korea, Nexen Tire will continue to sponsor the sports events to boost the motor sports in Korea.”

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