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Everything about drones,
the preferred choice of kidults

There are an endless number of things that make kidults excited, such as blocks, plastic models, RC cars. These days, drones have become a must-have plaything among kidults. Let’s get more familiar with drones that are being used in more diverse fields and are not mere toys!

Which drone to choose?

1) If it’s your first drone

If it’s your first time buying a drone, start with a relatively small and inexpensive one. A small drone is easy to control, so even beginners can deftly handle it, and there’s less burden of failure. The controller is also simple and easy to operate, which is really effective for mastering the basics of drones such as forward, reverse, left turn, right turn, ascent and descent. You can’t really attach a high-performance camera, but you can still have fun.

2) If you’re somewhat used to drones

If you’re somewhat confident about controlling a drone, you might want to get a more advanced one. Aerial shots might be one of the more common reasons to buy a more sophisticated drone. You absolutely must choose one with FPV (First Person View) functionality, because you can film an actual airborne video in real time. Batteries are also important because you have to fully operate it outdoors. Check if you can fly the drone and film things for as long as you want. If necessary, buy extra batteries.

3) To become a true drone pro

The premium drones usually cost more than $1,000 with some differences depending on the options. With the prices being so high, they are sure to have a lot of functions. There are all kinds of options such as Return Home, Follow Me, Automated Flight, and Flight Boundary Setup.
The standard function ‘Return Home’ is used when the drone goes a far distance and disappears from the operator’s sight, perceiving this situation and having the drone return by itself. ‘Follow Me’ is a function that tracks and follows the operator while maintaining the distance and altitude that is set up, and it allows for compelling self-aerial shots. ‘Automated Flight’ is set up to have the drone fly along the route defined in advance. ‘Flight Boundary Setup’ is a function that makes the drone fly only within the range of altitude and distance determined by the operator in advance. This prevents accidents such as the drone flying into a no-fly zone by mistake.

Common instances that novice drone operators face

1) Why isn’t the drone flying when the propellers are spinning?

Know what the most common reason is as to why the drone doesn’t float even when the propellers are spinning? It’s because you didn’t assemble the propellers properly! It’s the most basic but common mistake. Carefully read the manual and follow the instructions when putting a drone together. These days, the same colors are used for each direction of the propeller with the propeller connection of the drone, which reduces confusion. So be sure to put it together slowly and thoroughly.

2) The motor stopped!

You were having so much fun that you flew the drone while losing track of time! Motor failure is mostly caused by overheating. Unlike the batteries that supply power, the motor operates constantly, so you need a break after flying it for some time. Without a separate cooling system, the only way to cool off the heat from your drone is to simply take a break.

3) The battery is swollen!

Most drones use lithium polymer batteries. These batteries have excellent performance compared to lithium ion batteries, but they’re difficult to store. Once swollen, these batteries should no longer be used in order to prevent an unexpected accident.
Batteries may become swollen because of too much output. If the drone flies for a long time at high speed, it’s fatal to the battery life. Also, the batteries may become swollen when stored at a high temperature, despite being fully charged to 100%. Therefore, store in a cool dark place after charging it up to about 70%.

Be always sure to fly the drone safely!

1) Initial inspection

The drone propellers must always spin at a consistent rev count. If one spins differently or stops altogether, the drone loses balance and crashes to the ground. So you must inspect the propellers and motor before flying. If you find a small crack or scratch that you can see with the naked eye, be sure to replace it. Propellers that spin at least hundreds to thousands of times per second are likely to become quickly destroyed by small damage.
It’s also necessary to keep it level before flying. Even if there’s no particular malfunction or damage, the drone may explode and hurt someone if it loses balance in the air and crashes to the ground, so don’t forget to take the time to carry out an initial inspection.

2) Places to avoid flying

You should not fly your drone around magnetic objects, particularly transmission towers or high-tension wires. It’s also dangerous to fly many drones in one place, because the frequency interference may lead to collisions and crashes.
You must also avoid flying your drone near airports or military bases. This may vary among countries but it’s prohibited by Korea’s Aviation Act, which also has regulations against flying drones near major governmental agencies. Also, you must avoid flying the drone over heavily populated areas or a crowded place to prevent unexpected accidents.

3) Other things to be mindful of

Don’t fly your drone at night. Even if you attach some kind of light source like LED, it’s difficult to deal with accidents when you can’t really see the barriers or structures around the drone. It’s also really dangerous to fly the drone by looking only at the video being filmed by the drone, outside of the range where the operator cannot see the drone. That’s why the drone must not by flown over 492ft even if there is no altitude limit.
Make sure you write down your name and contact information on the drone in case of emergency, so you can find it more easily in the event that it gets lost due to a crash.

Drones fly as free as birds! As you operate it, you’ll be oddly attracted by the feeling as if you’re flying in the air yourself. As fun as it seems, there are also many things to know and aware of. You can enjoy a safe and pleasant hobby by applying just a little bit of extra attention, so just remember everything we’ve discussed here today!