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How long are you going to put up
with driving in the cramped city?
- A gift for those waiting to head to the sea this summer

All drivers have some kind of fantasy in their minds the moment they get ahold of their own driver’s license. The wide-open view of the ocean with nothing to stop you, the excitement of cutting through the wind as you race, and the relaxing moment you can savor as you stop your car to marvel at the breathtaking view….
Here are some of the world’s most incredible coastal drives with the blue ocean and cool breeze that will make your heart swoon.

Pacific Coast Highway

This is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles in California. The deep blue Pacific Ocean stretched out along the drive is so vast that you can’t tell where it touches the sky.
As you drive along the long road that exceeds about 560miles, there are countless spots that capture your attention. The beach that still looks primeval, the steep cliffs, fantastic rocks where the waves break, and the mysterious stretch of sea fog……. You can’t enjoy all of this beauty in just a couple of days. There are also many activities to enjoy such as hiking or camping at ‘Big Sur’, which is the most beautiful part of the Pacific Coast Highway.
One tip here! A drive down from San Francisco to Los Angeles will surely give you a greater view of the wonderful landscapes because you can drive right alongside the beach.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a coastal drive that’s about 155miles long and reaches Allansford from Torquay in Victoria, southeast of Australia. It is like a roofless natural art museum featuring the music of the waves and sculptures made by the wind.
The most famous spot is ‘the 12 Apostles’ that resemble the biblical 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ. Only 8 of them remain now due to constant erosion. It’s the most wonderful place to see on any given day as you might not see something tomorrow that you’ve seen today.
This place is also a paradise for marine activities. The coast is optimized for surfing, and the diving spot where over 80 wrecked ships are buried in the seabed calls out to the water enthusiasts.
Can you hear the sound of the rough waves of the Great Ocean Road calling out for you?

Costiera Amalfitana

This place is so beautiful that the media industry as a whole is rushing to introduce it as a spot you must visit before you die. It’s Costiera Amalfitana, found along the emerald waters of the Mediterranean in the south of Italy. It stretches about 50miles long from Sorrento through Positano to Praiano and Salerno. The breathtaking road along the cliff is a fantastic view in itself.
Positano particularly captures your attention with adorable houses as if painted by a skillful storybook illustrator. World-renowned artists like Goethe, Virginia Woolf, Wagner and Hemingway all lavished the setting with praise whenever they visited here. Step upon the highest spot of the village after enjoying the coastal drive, and check out the romantic cafes. Have a cool glass of lemonade and enjoy the view of the blue sea. Paradise? What more could you ask for?

Chapman’s Peak Drive

An altitude of 1,942ft, and 114 sharp curves – Can you feel the thrill?
If you turn round and round up along the steep cliff, you can see the sign that says ‘Chapman’s Peak Drive’ along with the blue Atlantic Ocean below the observatory. It’s a masterpiece created by the unique rocky mountain of the Cape Peninsula at the southernmost part of South Africa, blended with the Atlantic Ocean. Many commercials have been filmed here by well-known automakers.
Although it’s too high that you can’t pass through it in bad weather, and the caved-in cliffs look dangerous, it’s a fantasy spot for all drivers to drive through at least once. Some other attractions include the Cape of Good Hope at the end of the Cape Peninsula, Penguin Village with cute small African penguins, and Boulders Beach.

Are you stressed out by the red taillight staring back at you from the car in front while you’re stuck in traffic? Do you finish your day in a dark parking lot of a city filled with cars?
An amazing drive along the sea makes you feel that your car is not just a means of transportation for work! Set out to try it this summer. You can release all your stress while driving along these wonderful coastal roads that the whole world is so wild about. Start your journey to all these places that await you!