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This summer, head to a famous spot
for a round of golf in Asia

What are your plans for the upcoming summer vacation?
A vacation spot? A historical site? If you like golf, how about a famous golf destination in Asia? Imagine yourself hitting a powerful drive toward wonderful nature on a picturesque fairway! Here are some places that will actually turn your imagination into reality.
Let’s head to some attractive and famous spots for a round of golf in Asia!

Imperial Springs in Guangzhou, China

China, like the size of its overall territory, is overwhelming in size in all aspects such as nature or its buildings. It’s the same with resorts. In Guangzhou, one of the three biggest cities of China, you can find Imperial Springs, a 7-star resort. The huge size and the tasteful and glamorous buildings unique to China make you feel as if you’re in a movie. In fact, this is a famous place visited by high-ranking government officials in China or world-renowned celebrities, featuring the best of everything such as services, facilities and cuisine.
The highlight is the golf course designed by world-renowned golfer Colin Montgomerie himself. It features 27 holes and different levels of difficulty. The long holes where the driving distance can only be measured through a telescope, and the multiple bunkers in dreadful sizes will offer special entertainment for each hole. Also, Imperial Springs went out of its way to preserve the natural setting. You can have much more fun playing golf as you can take in all the natural environment such as hills, valleys and rivers in various places. After playing, enjoy a spa at the radon-infused hot springs, which can be found in only one other place in the world aside from Imperial Springs.

Black Mountain in Hua Hin, Thailand

Located in the southwest of Thailand, Hua Hin is the oldest beach resort and a royal vacation spot in Thailand. There’s a golf festival every August and September, which makes it a paradise for golfers. One of the most famous golf clubs is Black Mountain. It’s a golf club built around Black Mountain where the rocks are blackish, so everything there is naturally black: the clubhouse, restaurant, and even the caddy uniforms. To top it off, they also sell black pasta using squid ink.
Black Mountain has many things to offer for golfers. It’s only a 30-minute drive away from downtown Hua Hin, which makes it highly accessible, and the golf course is nature-friendly and surrounded by mountains. The weather is also very fickle due to the influence of the surrounding sea. A game of golf may play out in an unexpected way with all kinds of variables.
The course possesses gentle slopes overall, but the water hazards, bunkers and deep roughs make the game more dramatic. The caddies are well-trained and the course is always managed in top quality, which satisfies just about anyone. The clubhouse with various amenities and restaurants is another factor that compels golfers to choose Black Mountain to enjoy both golf and leisure.

South Cape Owners Club in Namhae, South Korea

South Cape Owners Club has its name listed proudly among the best golf resorts in Asia (17 places in all) as selected by Golf Digest. It fully embraces the nature unique to Namhae of Korea. The bumpy rias coast and deep cobalt blue ocean help create a dramatic view. It’s a perfect harmony of the natural environment with the fairways as if the golf course was created by nature itself.
South Cape Owners Club has a total of 18 holes, and 11 of them offer you a view of the sea, 6 of them are seaside, and 4 of them are made to actually cross the sea. You can deeply enjoy the natural course created by the sea, cliffs and mountains. The 16th hole is especially dynamic, almost resembling the world’s No. 1 course in Cyprus Resorts. This is the signature spot of South Cape Owners Club, so don’t forget.
The overall facilities in addition to the golf course are also world-class. You can also find the best therapeutic spa to alleviate your fatigue after playing a round of golf, and the clubhouse and hotel designed by a famous architect are filled with luxurious furniture from the front desk to all the rooms.
Recently, the Cliff House has been opened up for sale, which is a private space to enjoy South Cape Owners Club and Namhae to its fullest. This place became a famous vacation spot for famous celebrities as well as a filming location in Korea.

Pure nature, ultimate golf, perfect healing!
If you like to play golf, travel to some famous spots for a round of golf in Asia this summer. It will perfectly comfort you whenever you opt to break away from your daily routine.