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NEXEN TIRE secures 4th place
in the US consumer satisfaction survey
for automobiles for two consecutive years

“No matter how well the product is made, it’s no use unless the consumers are fully satisfied.”
The tire that fully satisfies and is approved by consumers, NEXEN TIRE is for you!

In the 2017 Original Equipment Tire Consumer Satisfaction Study by an authoritative research agency in the US, NEXEN TIRE has been listed 4th place among the top of 12 tire brands, a feat attained for two years in a row.

This survey was conducted on over 29,000 owners of vehicles released in 2015 and 2016 from October to December. There are four segments such as passenger car, truck/utility, luxury, and performance sport, rating four elements such as tire wear, ride comfort, tire grip/handling, and tire appearance. As a result, NEXEN TIRE now holds rank with the world’s leading tire brands, capturing 4th place for two years in a row.
“We’re excited to receive such favorable reviews and secure 4th place in the US Tire consumer satisfaction survey again,” said an official of NEXEN TIRE. “We’re going to continue to enhance product performance with constant R&D and quality improvement, creating products that will further satisfy our consumers.”
NEXEN TIRE is actively promoting its brand awareness in the US and European markets by expanding OE supply to global automakers, including Porsche last year, as well as Volkswagen, Renault, and FCA Group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles).

We look forward to your support until the day the whole world fully embraces NEXEN TIRE!