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NEXEN TIRE officially sponsors
‘US Formula Drift’

NEXEN TIRE, which sponsors various sporting events, has also been hosting NEXEN TIRE Speed Racing for the last 12 years in Korea. In the US, It is also sponsoring Formula Drift, which is an iconic racing event combining speed with artistry. Let’s check out Formula Drift, like figure skating on asphalt!

Formula Drift has just kicked off with an opening ceremony in March at Long Beach, California! And it will hold races in the US and Canada up until October, such as Orlando in Florida, Atlanta in Georgia, Wall Township in New Jersey, and Montreal in Quebec.

NEXEN TIRE has signed an official partnership with the US Formula Drift for 2 years, exposing the brand to many billboards along the tracks. It showcases its commercial on the official website of Formula Drift ( and CBS Sports aired it all over the US as well.

In addition to the official partnership, NEXEN TIRE is also sponsoring three racers: Fredric Aasbo and Ken Gushi of Toyota Scion, and Tanner Foust of Rockstar Energy who has been the Formula Drift champion for two years in a row.
In the 2015 Formula Drift, Fredric Aasbo secured first place in the season and Ken Gushi attained second place. Fredric is particularly exhibiting potential for an amazing performance this year as well.

The three racers sponsored by NEXEN TIRE will participate in the drift racing on cars with NEXEN TIRE’s N’FERA SUR4G. It is a racing tire designed for all kinds of motor sports contests such as Formula Drift, Sports Car Club of America, and Time Trial, offering the best grip performance. It is the ultimate tire with technologies to minimize risks in extreme conditions like drifting.

If you look more closely into the detailed specifications of N’FERA SUR4G, you can notice its roadworthiness, which is the best among NEXEN TIRE’s products. Specialized for racing, it features stable running performance and allows for accurate handling without slipping due to its excellent drainage. The product also applied the well-distributed design of ground contact pressure, racing compound with maximized grip, and special design resistant to abrasion. As a result, braking and grip were maximized. Effort was also put into sidewall design to respond to sharp turns with more stability, securing excellent steering responsibility and cornering balance.
If you can’t be fully convinced by just words alone, check out the performance of N’FERA SUR4G more vividly in the scenes of Formula Drift racing.

Formula Drift is a motor sport in which tires play a crucial role in maximizing handling and grip. Promoting its brand awareness and widely spreading the excellence of its products through the official sponsorship of Formula Drift, NEXEN TIRE will continue to engage the world as a friendly and familiar brand through partnerships with all forms of sporting events!