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NEXEN TIRE sponsors
Manchester City uniform branding
for the first time in the Premier League

NEXEN TIRE is engaged in a partnership with English Premier League football club Manchester City FC. NEXEN TIRE continues to maintain a close relationship with Manchester City for this season as well. Back in March, NEXEN TIRE entered into an agreement for a ‘uniform branding’ sponsorship with Manchester City FC, and now the company’s logo will be displayed on the sleeves of the players’ uniforms, which is a first for the Premier League.

NEXEN TIRE’s logo will be featured on the sleeves of the uniforms throughout the 2017-2018 seasons that will kick off in August. And its brand awareness will be enhanced among viewers throughout the world through all EPL and British cup events in which MANCITY participates.

Moreover, the company has broadened the scope of sponsorship such as advertising at the home stadium or obtaining the rights to use the team’s image. Now NEXEN TIRE will also sponsor Manchester City Women’s Football Club, which has won the Super League and League Cup.
Having implemented various marketing platforms in the last few years to promote its corporate brand image, NEXEN TIRE plans to expand its profile in the global market and enhance its brand value by expanding its official sponsorship of Manchester City FC.

The sponsorship agreement ceremony held at the Manchester City Football Academy in England was attended by NEXEN TIRE CEO Ho-Chan Kang, MANCITY CEO Ferran Soriano, and Man City head coach Pep Guardiola, as well as MANCITY star players like Gabriel Jesus, Ilkay Gündoğan, and Jill Scott.
“I’m truly looking forward to the first uniform branding of EPL with MANCITY, one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world,” said NEXEN TIRE CEO. “I hope this agreement offers a great opportunity for football fans worldwide to feel a more meaningful connection with NEXEN TIRE.”
“I’m pleased to maintain the successful partnership with NEXEN TIRE that’s growing into a world-renowned brand,” said MANCITY CEO. “I’m especially excited about becoming the first sleeve partner in the Premier League and to sustain a long-term partnership with NEXEN TIRE that shows such dynamic growth.”

NEXEN TIRE and MANCITY are maintaining a strong partnership this year based on mutual support and encouragement!
Let’s hope to see NEXEN TIRE more often at MANCITY’s games this coming season of 2017-2018! Please, look forward to the brighter future of NEXEN TIRE with passion and positivity.