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Now Farm to Table Is Becoming
Hot Among Restaurants!

Eating chef-prepared food in a garden?
A new trend in food culture is sweeping around the globe. It’s the movement. A food concept in which the farm crops you have grown in person will be put on the table. Let’s have a look!

What is Farm to Table?

The movement for using farm crops you grow in person to cook and serve on your dining table. It’s the food culture trend that we call <Farm to Table> or <Garden to Kitchen>. In Italy, it is also called the <zero-kilometer restaurant> meaning making food with locally grown ingredients.
While urbanization spread, in some food cultures, people chose to focus on things that are #quick and #convenient and naturally began to pay attention to the speed of eating than nutrition. As calls for breaking from this concept, and concentrating on the process of food and the act of eating grew louder, the Farm to Table movement, i.e. growing healthy ingredients and improving the quality of food is rapidly proliferating.

People around the world are already participating in this movement. World-famous chefs are opening Farm to Table restaurants, and trying to attain the right system for it. Famous culinary schools are teaching the method of cooking without harming the environment in which the ingredients are grown, the ecosystem and nutrients through the Farm to Table course. Also, home appliances are being lunched, which make it possible to grow fresh vegetables in the kitchen. Farm to Table is changing the entire industry and society ranging from the farms where food ingredients are produced through the supply system and cooking processes to the values of consumers.

Why should we eat at a Farm to Table restaurant?

In general, after ordering food, we think about what the price of the food is, how much the quantity is, and how the food tastes. But few people think about how the ingredients were grown, where they came from, and how fresh they are.
Farm to Table restaurants carefully check the growth process of the crops, the supply process and their freshness before making food. The images of elders who cook food with ingredients gathered from mountains and fields were systematized. So you will be able to experience the healthiest taste, the true taste of ingredients, regional characteristics and the veracity of nature.

Farm to Table restaurant

‘Blue Hill at Stone Barns’ in upstate New York is the originator and precursor of Farm to Table!
It grows vegetables and raises livestock to make food. It is located on a big farm deep in the forest. Foods, made of fresh ingredients, are continuously served with bright ideas. As the ingredients, harvested from the farm right next door, are used, and the foods have a well-balanced taste, the restaurant was favorably reviewed by Michelin as well as the Times. The head chef said famously, “The best taste lingering on the tip of the tongue is made by healthy soil.”

‘De Kas’ in Amsterdam is a Farm to Table restaurant made by Chef Gert-Jan Hageman who was awarded Michelin stars in 2001. He purchased an old greenhouse which used to grow plants and renovated it into a restaurant. He formed a garden inside and outside of the restaurant, and grows all vegetables and herbs and uses them as ingredients for his food. All employees of the restaurant grow the plants together, and you can see the chef gather food ingredients from the greenhouse and the vegetable garden right next door when the food is ordered.

Probably some people, who are interested in the environment and organic diets, have already heard a bit about <Farm to Table>.
In some ways, it is most natural and reasonable, but people, who are accustomed to industrialization, are unfamiliar with it and it is a fresh challenge to them. Farm to Table will allow people to experience the taste of nature with the most natural ingredients. How about practicing it in your homes?