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A Warm Bowl of Healthy Vegetable Soup Amid
the Changing of Seasons

The fresh wind, blowing away the lingering heat of the sun, is more than welcome, but we sometimes get a little weaker in autumn somehow. When you are coming down with a cold due to the sudden change in temperature, be sure to savor a cup of warm soup containing the health of vegetables.

What should we eat during the changing of seasons?

During the changing of seasons when the daily temperature range grows wider, immunity can easily become weakened. In particular, you should pay attention to the health of your respiratory system due to dry air. To maintain basic physical strength, not only regular exercise and health management, but also taking in nutrients through good food is important.
A warm vegetable soup that heals the weary body and makes it possible to effectively take in essential vitamins and fiber! Let me share a secret!

Minestrone soup to increase your vital energy

Minestrone is a favorite food of Italians. In particular, it is effective in coping with the cold in winter. Have a look at a recipe which stimulates the appetite with the smell of tomatoes and energizes the weary body with various vegetables!

Ingredients (2 servings): 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1/2 carrot, 2 leaves of cabbage, 2 cloves of garlic, tomato paste 3T, water 1L, salt, pepper and cooking oil

Depending on your taste, add pasta or rice, and boil them. Then, it will be one wholesome meal of minestrone soup. When tomatoes are heated, the nutrients will be absorbed more efficiently. So on a chilly autumn day, have a minestrone soup as a light meal!

Potato cream soup makes us feel better with the cozy texture of the soup

The soft texture of potato cream soup will make you feel amazing. You’ll surely be reminded of it on a cold day. As it contains potatoes and milk, the potato cream soup is sufficient for one meal. It’s perfect for a rainy autumn day!

Ingredients (2 servings) : potatoes 700g, 2 onions (250g in total), 3 white mushrooms, butter 3T, milk 700mL, 1 cheese slice, salt, pepper

The soft potato cream soup goes well with crisply baked croutons. This recipe is simpler than thought, give it a try!

French onion soup whose flavor spreads throughout the mouth

When the weather gets cold, your hands and feet will get cold, and your digestive functions will deteriorate naturally. Then, eat the onion soup that will boost the process of digestion. The sweet and fragrant onions meet the tasty cheese to create a fine dish.

Ingredients (2 servings): 3 medium-sized onions, white wine 100mL, flour 30g, Emmental cheese 60g, water 1L, chicken stock, butter 20g, salt, pepper, baguette

French onion soup offers a deep and rich flavor beyond imagination. Children who don’t like vegetables will be surprised by the sweet taste of the onions. Enjoy some special dining with your family through savoring a bowl of warm French onion soup full of flavor.