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Open Your Eyes to Driving Safety This Fall
When You’re Most Likely to be Distracted by Scenery!

The scenery is more beautiful than ever in the fall, making the hearts of every driver flutter. The falling leaves and colorful fall foliage will look like a painting. You might forget about ‘safety’ for a moment when you’re distracted by all the mesmerizing scenery around you.

Check the fallen leaves

The fall foliage and leaves create a certain mood of fall, whether they cling to tree branches full of color or fluttering down onto the ground. But they might also threaten the safety of drivers.

The fallen leaves on the windshield and bonnet must be removed before you start driving. If you go without cleaning them off properly, they may distract your vision while driving, and the leaves piled in the inlet between the windshield and the bonnet also block the inflow of fresh air. This not only hinders circulation of indoor air but also leads to secondary damage if the leaves enter deeply into the inlet.

In particular, falling leaves that are moist with rainwater are likely to get stuck on the windshield. They fall onto the windshield on a windy day, distracting the driver’s vision. This is why you must be careful about falling leaves. Of course, you can instantly brush them off with wipers, but it might be difficult to deal with a sudden situation, so it’s necessary to slow down a little when many leaves are falling.
It’s also not a good thing to keep the fallen leaves stuck to your car for a long time. The leaves have nutrients created by photosynthesis, which turns acidic on the leaves and may change the car’s painted surface. The same effect occurs with ginkgo nuts. Moreover, if moist leaves are stuck to the car body for a long time, it may cause corrosion to the car, so always keep it clean.

Be particularly more careful about fallen leaves piled up on the ground!

There are frequent slip accidents caused by fallen leaves throughout the fall. Since the daily temperature differential is huge due to the nature of the fall weather, road surfaces have a lot of moisture from fog or frost. If you make a quick start or quickly brake on fallen leaves in such conditions, the tires tend to lose grip force significantly and slip. This may unstably shake the car body or increase braking distance that will actually lead to accidents, so always be careful.
In particular, be careful with the fallen leaves on the sides of the roads. Local roads or outer roads have many small gutters on the sides, where fallen leaves are piled up, almost making the gutters seem like an actual road. This may cause the tires to get stuck when you drive on them. This is especially more difficult to notice at night when it’s dark, so drive safely inside the lanes.
In addition, meticulous care and management are needed for your car in the fall when the seasons change. You should check your vehicle in advance because the battery consumption increases rapidly in winter due to your heater or heating device, and also be sure to check your tire conditions. If the tires are overly worn out, they are more likely to slip on fallen leaves, snow or rain.

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