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Show Me the Motor Show!
Motor Shows Around the World
in the Second Half of 2017

A place where you can capture the year’s trends of vehicles and dream about future cars! Motor shows might be the festivals that any car lovers most look forward to throughout the year. NEXEN TIRE will keep you posted about which motor shows have ended, and what remains in the second half of the year.

Motor Shows in the First Half of 2017

Many motor shows were already held in the first half of 2017, the most prominent ones being the 2017 Detroit Auto Show and 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.
The Detroit Auto Show was the event that opened in January to kick off the year 2017 and forecast this year’s car trends for the first time. The show forecasted the constant growth of SUVs and the chase of luxury sedans right behind them.
The Geneva International Motor Show held in March was full of brands struggling to disclose their newest releases for the first time. BMW announced their New 4 Series and New 5 Series Touring for the first time in the world, causing a sensation among BMW fans. Kia Motors presented its premium sedan Stinger for the first time in Europe, and Hyundai Motor first unveiled hydrogen-powered FE cars with a futuristic design.
Then let’s check out which motor shows will heat up the second half of 2017!

Motor Shows in the Second Half of 2017

1) 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

There’s Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, the Asian power of vehicles. Held biennially, Tokyo Motor Show is known for its high quality and big scale, and it’s even considered one of the world’s top 4 motor shows. This year it will feature not only all kinds of cars but also motorcycles, parts and devices as well as auto-related services.
The theme for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is ‘BEYOND THE MOTOR’. It has been long since cars have become something beyond just a means of transportation. The show will introduce cutting-edge technologies for cars and drivers to communicate, and for cars to automatically respond to countless external factors.
The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show will be held for 10 days from October 27 to November 5. So if you want to know all about the future role of cars, visit Tokyo this fall.

2) 2017 SEMA Show

SEMA Show is slightly different from other motor shows. It’s a tuning show, a dream come true for male drivers. It’s a great opportunity to see the fabulous transformations of cars all over the world for yourself.
The show features various aspects, pleasing your eyes more than just the same old motor shows, with performance tuning for output, body kit tuning and indoor tuning that changes the mood inside the car, etc. There are also many things that can be tried on your car even if it’s not a supercar, so it’s expected to attract the attention of many actual users. Don’t miss the live show outside the convention center, either!
The 2017 SEMA Show will be held in Las Vegas, US from October 31 to November 3. If you want to experience more than just a motor show, book yourself a flight to Las Vegas.

3) 2017 LA Auto Show

The last motor show in 2017 will be LA Auto Show. Held in Los Angeles, US, the LA Auto Show features more standard, everyday new cars rather than future-oriented and fancy concept cars. It’s a place where you can first check out the new cars to be released in the next year, starting from the end of the year.
You can test-drive over 100 latest models outside the convention center, and there will be video games and VR experiences for children as well.
Come enjoy the last of 2017 with your family at LA Auto Show from December 1 to 10!

Unfortunately, the motor shows introduced here don’t include NEXEN TIRE’s participation. But the company participated in Autopromotec 2017 held last May in Bologna, Italy. It’s a show that presents the innovation, development and trends of car equipment and tire industry at a glance, and it’s growing in size every year. NEXEN TIRE will promote brand awareness with enthusiastic participation in such kinds of shows, so keep an eye on us!