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Everything about the Seats Changes
the Mood inside the Car

What part of the car is most closely related to the driver?
The engines that are the core of the car? Gas pedals? Steering wheel? They’re all important, but the right answer might be the ‘seats’, which touch our bodies the longest. They determine the overall mood of the car as well as ride quality, and there are many different kinds to choose from.

Fabric seats

Fabric seats are the most basic material to be applied. Fabric provides a soft seating sensation and absorbs sweat effectively, thereby avoiding stickiness. It also prevents the driver from losing their posture when they are seated, because it is not overly slippery. Another advantage is air permeability, which other materials don’t have. But due to the nature of fabric, it is likely to be contaminated, and may give off an unpleasant odor even though it effectively absorbs smells and sweat.
You must be diligent in order to manage the fabric seats properly. A while ago, the Daily Mail introduced how fabric seats are cleaned with a wet vacuum cleaner. Many consumers were horrified by the extensive amount of dust sucked up by the cleaner.
Frequently clean the seats with a vacuum cleaner to maintain a pleasant driving environment, and wipe them with a cleaning agent that’s suitable for the fabric. Spray some baking soda and clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove contaminants using the absorbability.

Leather seats

Leather seats are divided into synthetic and genuine leather. Synthetic leather is easier to manage than fabric or genuine leather, but may give off a chemical order and becomes worn out on the surface after using it for a long time. Genuine leather is mostly applied to luxury car models, with its classy and natural sophistication. It becomes naturally wrinkled as time passes, but when exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it may exhibit cracks or discoloration due to the nature of the material.

Leather seats are mainly represented by Nappa leather and suede. Nappa leather sustains the patterns of genuine leather while adding a soft texture, and it sways like silk.
Suede is mostly used in clothes, and it has a fluffy texture like downy hair, which is created by rubbing the back of the leather with a whetstone. It’s quite expensive and used as an interior material for luxury cars, but it’s weak against moisture and contamination.
There is also synthetic leather called Alcantara, which maintains the advantages of suede while discarding the drawbacks. It’s softer than suede but strong against contamination and heat. It’s made by processing extremely thin polyester and polyurethane, and it’s a luxury material more expensive than real leather because the processing is difficult.

Special seats

Car seats are also evolving thanks to the constant advancement of science. Hot wiring and ventilation seats are just the beginning. Now, there are even electric motion seats that adjust the seat belts to fit the driver’s body.
Global automakers are sparing no expense in developing state-of-the-art seats. Nissan is using NASA’s research to develop zero gravity seats that minimize driver fatigue. GM presented haptic seats that notify the driver of danger through the vibration of seats. Hyundai Motor Company presented a seat system that is automatically adjusted to fit the physical information entered by the driver, in collaboration with a medical school in Korea.
In the near future, we’ll be able to come across more upgraded cutting-edge seats. The driver’s biometric data will be collected by the sensor on the seat cushion or back, and feedback will be provided accordingly. Accidents caused by dozing off at the wheel can also be prevented in advance. Biometric data such as blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and brain waves can be sent to a medical center in case of an accident so that measures can be taken more quickly and thoroughly.

It turns out that seats are most closely associated with our bodies among all car components!
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