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Become the Hero of Halloween 2017

Halloween makes the end of October all the more exciting, and it’s now considered a worldwide festival. Many people prepare unique costumes and makeup for this day. Halloween events receive a great deal of attention, and the costumes alone tend to reflect some of biggest issues of the year. But going overboard may rather cause some eyebrows to raise. Today, NEXEN TIRE will tell you all about the trendy Halloween costumes as well as the ones you must be careful about.

Halloween Costumes to Be Mindful About

1) Traditional costumes symbolizing a specific culture.

Every year, Native Americans say they feel hurt by American Indian costumes. It’s fine if you’re dressed formally with respect to the culture, but people tend to focus on being overly revealing, with low-cut tops or short miniskirts. The problem is that people denounce their traditional culture with costumes emphasizing sex appeal. Moreover, dancing and drinking in front of many people in hijabs may also seem like an insult to Islamic culture.

2) Sugar skull costumes

A sugar skull costume, covering the face in white powder and receiving a skull face painting, is also something to avoid. Sugar skulls are a form of funeral culture on the ‘Day of the Dead’ in Mexico, so it’s rude to indiscreetly wear that kind of costume just to have fun at a festival. Sugar skulls have been popular for years, but they have also raised constant issues about cultural misunderstanding and controversies, so be careful.

3) Costumes of the homeless

Being dressed like the homeless at a festival may seem like making fun of or ridiculing the homeless. From a more sensitive perspective, this may raise issues about refugees, which is recent problem affecting the global community, so you must be careful. Unintended harm may affect someone and bring discomfort to an otherwise fun festival.

4) Costumes related to accidents

The biggest anxiety today in the global community is terrorism. An increasing number of victims are suffering from this on a yearly basis. Using this issue on Halloween may trigger controversies. It’s not appropriate to wear costumes or makeup resembling terrorism with Islamic attire and guns. Wearing makeup like a bullet wound may also remind the victims of their pain.

Costumes to Be a Hit in Halloween 2017

Then what kind of costumers will be a hit in 2017?
First, there’s the zombie costume, which is a steady-selling Halloween costume. It seems likely you will find countless zombies in 2017 as well. The zombie acting, costumers and makeup are evolved with every passing year. The famed zombie series The Walking Dead will also be back again in mid-October with its 8th season, which will create a greater sensation.

Transform into a superhero this Halloween! Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, who were both the objects of attention all over the world this year, are definitely at the top of the list for most popular costumes. We’re also looking forward to children dressed as adorable little heroes that children love. If you come across little heroes in the streets, give them some sweets as well as an enthusiastic reaction for their excitement.

For couples, we recommend Beauty and the Beast costumes. They were well loved by people of all ages this year, and it’s relatively easy to be dressed and made up like them. All the woman has to do is to wear her hair up and put on a pretty yellow dress, and for the man to wear a blue tuxedo and a beast’s mask! It’s strongly recommended for couples, because these costumes are even more magical when there are two of you!

Lost in your daily routine, you will soon find October is upon you. Prepare a great costume in advance to get the most out of Halloween. Hopefully, the costume trend introduced by NEXEN TIRE will be helpful, and in the meantime, NEXEN TIRE will be covered with tires this year, wearing the patterns of N’FERA AU7, the new product designed with the motif of number 7, like a tattoo. Trick or Treat, everyone!!!