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The driver’s personality and mentality implied
by the color of the car

Even the same type of car might have a completely different mood depending on its color. As cars have recently become an important medium that expresses individual personality, more and more drivers are interested in color. “What color is your car?” Let’s check out the driver’s personality and mentality implied by the color of the car!

A soft option of achromatic color!

According to a survey by a world-renowned car paint company, white was the world’s most popular color in 2016. The biggest reason why white is so popular is because it’s a basic color that never falls out of fashion. But it’s also highly likely that people driving white cars don’t like to stand out too much.
Black is a color that symbolizes authority with its distinctive heaviness. It also creates a strong and sophisticated mood, as well as a luxurious sensation. People driving black cars value order and rules, and tend to be conservative.

Dark gray best depicts the refined beauty of the city. It’s as simple as white but not as dull, and seems sleek while retaining the dignity of black. People driving gray cars tend to be success-oriented. They’re also likely to be pursuing a modern, urban and dandy image. Silver is a color with stability and always remains trendy. It’s also easy to maintain the car because dirt doesn’t show easily on the surface. That’s why silver is ranked No. 4 in the world and No.1 in India in color preference. If a leader of an organization drives a silver car, he or she is likely to be a flexible leader rather than an authoritative one.

Colorful with individuality!

Some drivers like to reveal their individuality through the color of their car. One typical example is fiery red like fire on achromatic roads. Red cars are very dynamic. Red is often used on performance-oriented cars that show off high speeds with a powerful engine. People driving red cars are typically ‘confident.’ They are enthusiastic about self-expression, enjoy a thrilling life, and are cheerful and energetic, mostly known to be the life of the party.

Blue has a nature-friendly image, but when applied to cars, it has an intellectual mood. That’s why blue is often used as a symbolic color of cars that require high-level technological skills. People driving blue cars tend to focus on expressing their individuality.

Yellow cars seem active and cheerful. Yellow stands out most conspicuously on the road, so it’s particularly used on vehicles that require child safety elements. People driving yellow cars tend to enjoy attracting other people’s attention and value differentiation from others as well as personal satisfaction. They also have a relatively strong sense of leading and setting the trends.

Green is receiving the spotlight as a trendy color for cars as it is selected as the trend color of 2017. Green resembles the first day of spring that brings life to the trees of nature and regains vigor. The color brings new energy to everyday life and revitalizes life, giving you self-assurance and courage. People driving green cars are known to be curious about new information and have a warm heart.

It’s interesting how the driver’s personality and mentality are hidden inside the color of the car, which may have merely been chosen based on taste.
Of course, we can’t explain everything about a person’s mentality or personality by just the color of a car, but isn’t it fun to find out one hidden aspect of our preferences and mindset? What color of car are you driving through the course of your life?