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NEXEN TIRE's powerful race towards the world :
Sports marketing

The dynamic performance and enterprising spirit of NEXEN TIRE in its powerful race toward the world are just like dynamic sports, from thrilling winter sports competitions to speedy racing. Here are various sports marketing events that will continue to be in partnership with NEXEN TIRE in 2017.

First, four winter sports events

To promote brand awareness through sports marketing, NEXEN TIRE has been sponsoring four winter sports events since the end of 2016, such as Speed Skating World Cup and Championships, Snowboard/Ski Big Air World Cup, Bobsleigh/Skeleton World Cup and Championships, and Ski Jumping World Cup.
The company has been given the right to use the competition titles and logos as the official sponsor of each competition and expose the brand via diverse channels, such as stadium branding, video images in the stadium, uniforms of actual players, banners, backboards, etc. NEXEN TIRE also held on-site promotional events and a program for inviting major clients, allowing more fans to naturally encounter NEXEN TIRE while enjoying the winter sports.
By sponsoring these four events, NEXEN TIRE is reinforcing its status and enhancing its brand image all over the world – not only Korea but also Europe, North America, Asia, etc.

Second, English Premier League-MANCITY

NEXEN TIRE entered into an agreement for a ‘uniform branding’ sponsorship with Manchester City FC, and now the company’s logo will be exposed on the sleeves of the players’ uniforms for the first time in the English Premier League.
As NEXEN TIRE’s logo will grace the uniforms in the 2017-2018 season that kicks off in August, its brand awareness will surely be enhanced among global viewers throughout all EPL and British cup events in which ManCity participates.
Moreover, the company has broadened the scope of sponsorship beyond merely PR and marketing activities such as advertising at the home stadium or obtaining the rights to use the team’s image. Now NEXEN TIRE will also sponsor Manchester City Women’s Football Club, which recently became FA Super League champions and won the League Cup.
Having implemented various marketing platforms in the last few years to reinforce its branding, NEXEN TIRE plans to expand its exposure to the global market and enhance its brand value by expanding the scope of its official sponsorship of Manchester City FC.

Third, KBO-NEXEN Heroes

NEXEN TIRE has maintained its main sponsorship of NEXEN Heroes in the KBO League for 8 years. Keeping pace with NEXEN TIRE, NEXEN Heroes has now secured its place as one of the major teams of KBO, through which NEXEN TIRE could also appeal to consumers as a more familiar and friendly brand.
After its incredible performance in the postseason for four consecutive years from the 2013 season to the 2016 season, NEXEN Heroes finally settled in Korea’s first dome stadium, Gocheok Sky Dome, allowing fans to enjoy the games without concern about weather.
This season, NEXEN Heroes have stirred up some excitement by recruiting a new manager and some new players! Get ready to experience the energy of NEXEN Heroes with NEXEN TIRE in the 2017 season!

Fourth, Speed Racing

Naturally, NEXEN TIRE can’t forget about sports related to cars, right? You can also find NEXEN TIRE in the thrilling Speed Racing competitions as well!
NEXEN TIRE is participating in the Speed Racing N’Fera Cup in Korea as the title sponsor. As it is the biggest racing contest in Korea, NEXEN TIRE is making efforts in multiple aspects so that it can be a festival for both men and women of all ages. The company holds events that can be enjoyed by all family members visiting the venue, sets up a temporary swimming pool in the summer, and installs a food court for visitors to help keep them preoccupied. There is also a section for related club members to get a chance to race around the circuit and also take a ride in one of the racing cars. A live broadcast service is also offered for those who could not visit the site. As such, NEXEN TIRE strives to develop a closer relationship with consumers through the Speed Racing marketing on an annual basis.
NEXEN TIRE is also in an official partnership with the US motorsports contest Formula Drift. In 2016, Fredric Aasbo ended up in second place with NEXEN TIRE’s ultra high-performance tires. This also helped underscore NEXEN TIRE’s potential in the North American market.

NEXEN TIRE is truly racing toward the world with various sport marketing events at an incredibly high pace. It seems certain that pretty much anyone in the world may find themselves saying ‘YES!’ To the question, ‘Do you know NEXEN TIRE?’
Throughout out 2017, NEXEN TIRE will undertake more dynamic and aggressive sports marketing activities through its outstanding capacity and performance, so be sure to keep up your support and interest!