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Grand renewal and opening
of the new NEXEN TIRE website!

It’s a time when fresh flowers sprout up enthusiastically, and the trees sway with their fresh green leaves in spring. In celebration of this wonderful season, NEXEN TIRE also renewed its website. Check out how much it’s changed!

A design that embraces new trends!

Once you visit the website, you can instantly see all the images occupying the main page. It’s the ‘full-size image’ form reflecting the latest trends, featuring NEXEN TIRE’s messages at once. You can see the image of ‘Driving Tomorrow NEXEN TIRE,’ followed by the enthusiastic images of sports marketing sponsored by NEXEN TIRE.
If you scroll down a little more, you can see a simple grid-structure menu, which is the UI trend of today. It shows an array of information, such as tire information, NEXEN TIRE news, and social media contents. This convenient and intuitive user-centric UI reduces unnecessary procedures and enables users to more quickly find the information they need.

Easy to see via mobile!

One of the biggest changes in the website renewal is the application of ‘responsive web’, which shows optimized images for various user devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, desktops, etc.
The previous website provided only limited information on mobile or tablet PCs, or had poor readability of texts or images. Now, these issues are completely resolved on the new website.
You can see the contents on not only desktop monitors but also on the small screen of hand held devices, and you can check all kinds of detailed information offered by NEXEN TIRE at anytime and anywhere.

Easy to see via mobile!

1) Comparison of tires
The new website offers the service of comparing NEXEN TIRE’s various products so that you can choose the right tire for you. All you have to do is select the tires you like, and you can see a detailed comparison of the specifications of each tire on a graph.

2) Social Contents Room
There’s another fun service that has been applied to NEXEN TIRE’s new website! Now there is ‘Social Contents Room’ where you can see all the useful social media contents of NEXEN TIRE. This section offers contents from NEXEN TIRE’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel, including the latest news and other useful tips for drivers. It’s definitely a goldmine for NEXEN TIRE users!

In addition, the new website presents other well-organized sections for all kinds of data such as ‘Tire Information’ offering tire knowledge and useful management tips, ‘Sports Marketing’ showing NEXEN TIRE’s passion, and ‘NEXEN TIMES’ that instantly sends out NEXEN TIRE’s latest news.
NEXEN TIRE will continue to renew its website for the world to have access to all kinds of information for global clients and further improve user-centric and customer-oriented online services. Check out NEXEN TIRE’s new website now!

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