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NEXEN TIRE’s new product showcase
‘Driving Experience Winter 2017’

NEXEN TIRE’s ‘Driving Experience Winter 2017’ was held in Nürburgring, Germany on February 8 and 9. During this event, NEXEN TIRE dealers and clients from all over the world could check out NEXEN TIRE’s new products, which are the new WU7 and N’blue 4 Season.

A total of 74 people arrived in Germany, including 39 dealers, 25 NEXEN TIRE staff members, and 10 media-related officials, who all settled down to start the programs after checking into the hotel. They all had a meaningful time enjoying various programs such as a cocktail reception and welcome dinner after the NEXEN TIRE Conference and Experience Driving Day event to actually test the new products on the track.

The new WU7 and N’blue 4 Season were introduced during the NEXEN TIRE Conference, which also provided a great opportunity to deliver new product information and promote mutual trust by sharing NEXEN TIRE’s global marketing activities and OE status.
10 media-related organizations were also invited to the event, including authoritative European automobile magazine AutoBild as well as Motorpress, Flottenmanagement, Autozeitung, and ACE PR Cologne. NEXEN TIRE enthusiastically shared its global OE supply activities such as supplying to Porsche and marketing activities including construction of new plants.
NEXEN TIRE will continue to release online information on new products, and focus on PR activities to widely promote NEXEN TIRE’s news. Until the day it becomes a truly global leading company, NEXEN TIRE will constantly strive to develop new products, conduct marketing activities and offer great events.