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'2017 Purple Summit, Manchester'

‘Purple Summit’ is an integrated global marketing campaign initiated to expand NEXEN TIRE’s marketing activities and reinforce cooperation with its business partners! In particular, this year’s ‘2017 Purple Summit, Manchester’ had more significance than ever as the first global event to invite all VIPs of the world in one place. Let’s check it out together!

This year’s Purple Summit is the second event after the one held last year, and it is an integrated marketing activity for NEXEN TIRE’s business partners and consumers. It is held to develop its relationships with global business partners, reinforce cooperation, and widely promote the company’s awareness.
The ‘2017 Purple Summit, Manchester’ kicked off with a welcome dinner to break the ice among the 60 business partners attending from 34 countries worldwide, and was held for three days from March 18 to 20.
From the second day, NEXEN TIRE’s OE supply status, marketing activities and new products were introduced at the NEXEN Conference held in Manchester City Football Academy. NEXEN TIRE’s technological skills and activities were delivered in detail, increasing confidence and loyalty of employees showing great progress in each area.
The event also included the ‘Match Day’ program using the partnership with Manchester City. ‘NEXEN TIRE Skills Challenge’ was held at the stadium after the first half of the game between Manchester City and Liverpool, which enabled the participants to build a stronger bond by actually experiencing the game similar to the mission that the players had tried.

In particular, that day’s game was a ‘special match event’ prepared by NEXEN TIRE for the participants, as the official sponsor of Manchester City for the second season in a row this year. It was even more meaningful as the ‘uniform branding’ sponsorship agreement was recently announced, in order to maintain a stronger cooperative relationship between NEXEN TIRE and Manchester City.
‘Uniform branding’ is a marketing activity that involves affixing the company’s logo on the sleeves of the players’ uniforms, and this will be done for the first time in the English Premier League starting from the 2017-2018 season.

The ‘Purple Summit’ was a smash success this year as it had been the year before, creating a venue for the brand and partners to build a special relationship based on fun and beneficial programs as well as meticulous services. NEXEN TIRE will strive to turn the Purple Summit into its marketing asset, and an opportunity to improve its global awareness and confidence of NEXEN TIRE employees. Keep your eye on our developments like this!