‘Nexen has become the first in the tire industry to achieve a grand slam of world design awards by winning the finalist award at the prestigious US IDEA 2014.
A grand slam of world design awards means winning the world's top four design awards: the US IDEA Design Award, German IF Design Award, German Red Dot Design Award and Japanese G-Mark.
This unprecedented achievement has been made possible by Nexen’s winning combination of the best technology and the most innovative design power. Nexen is now recognized globally as a major player in the tire market.

In 2011, Nexen won the German IF Design Award for its N8000 and WINGUARD Sport tires. Then, with its N9000, the tiremaker won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2012 and the Japanese G-Mark Design Award in 2013. The N9000 won a special mention in the transportation category for its dynamic design with its lightening motif.

The N9000 is a sports tire designed for drivers who want performance and speed. It provides outstanding handling and steering stability in high speed driving with the design pattern of its area making contact with the road to realize optimal grip.
Nexen won the German IF Design Award once again in 2014 with the N'FERA SU1.
The N'FERA SU1 is a tire that features superior drainage performance on wet roads as it was designed to handle the European climate and roads. It is a European asymmetric tire that exerts excellent cornering and stability in high speed driving. The tire expresses a strong image of a typhoon in its simplified linear design, and was highly rated by the judges for its dynamic design.

In 2014, Nexen Tire won the finalist award at the US IDEA, the world's most renowned design award held by the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) for its concept tire, the Green Hive.
The Green Hive is a concept tire that considers consumers by emphasizing usability, economic efficiency and eco-friendliness. It is a permanent tire that features tread refill.
This innovative advanced tire can be used permanently by refilling its tread, which is related to the service life of tires. The tire was highly rated by the judging panel for the creativity and innovation it shows.
Nexen Tire’s global design management has propelled the company to the first grand slam of world design awards in the tire industry.
This achievement indicates that Nexen Tire’s design competitiveness is world class. Nexen will continue to strive to develop products with outstanding functionality and design.