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A Warm Spring Day, a Cup of Aromatic
Home-made Coffee

When coffee was first introduced into Europe in the early 17th century, it was referred to as the ‘devil’s drink.’ The main reason was religion. However, to this day, coffee is still somewhat known as the ‘devil’s drink.’ From instant coffee to specialty coffee, it continuously seduces people with its various tastes and intriguing scent.

Which coffee beans am I most likely to fall in love with?

There are so many types of coffee in the world. Not only is it tough to remember the different types of beans, the taste and aroma change according to roasting methods or the skills of the barista.
On warm spring days, which coffee captures your heart? If you are still unsure of your taste, check out what each type of bean has to offer!

1) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
These beans are grown in Yirgacheffe, located in southern Ethiopia. The coffee produced by using these beans can be enjoyed by those looking for a glamorous feel and aroma.
Yirgacheffe is rated to be the most ‘sophisticated’ out of all Ethiopian beans. The fruity sweet and sour flavor, smooth texture and deep floral scent really stand out. The soft, sweet yet deep floral scent compels people to drink Yirgacheffe for its ‘aroma’.
To those looking for a light, refreshing flavor, smooth body, with a deep taste like wine, we recommend the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

2) Guatemala Antigua
Well known as a type of smoked coffee, the beans are grown in the Antigua Guatemala region. The beans have a distinctive aroma because the shrubs grow in a volcanic region. Ones that grow above 1,400m and below 1,700m sea level are classified as top quality SHB(strictly hard bean), and they offer a robust body and strong feel. It is sweet, yet exudes a unique smokiness, and is best served warm.

3) Kenya AA
These beans are grown in Kenya, where bean quality is highly controlled and are evaluated as the best coffee in Africa. This is the most popular coffee bean among Europeans.
The flavor is a harmony of a sweet yet deep taste, a citrusness with body and slight bitterness. The citrus taste that’s also found in the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is slightly stronger in the Kenya AA. However, the subtle sour taste and excellent body keep people asking for more. It is best served on ice after being paper filtered to eliminate oil.

4) Specialty Coffee
Specialty coffee that brings about a new coffee culture. These beans are grown with emphasis not just on quality but the process in which they are grown. The growers and roasting procedure are all part of the product. Of course, the barista will explain the facts to you. Method of bean cultivation, roasting, and the serving barista’s style all go into the cup, giving it a special taste.
Since the specialty coffee culture became more widely accepted, many reviews claim that consumers are able to drink better quality coffee, and farmers are able to grow beans in a better environment.

Today, I am a Home-based Barista!

Beans with different characteristics and aromas also can transform by method of extraction. If you’ve found the coffee scent you were looking for, take some time into slowly extracting the coffee. Unlike a take-away coffee picked up from a cafe, you’ll be able to fill your home with the peaceful scent of coffee.

1) Hand Drip
This is the best method to enjoy the original taste of the beans.
You will need a dripper. The coffee is extracted by pouring water over beans placed in the filter-attached dripper. The scent and flavor of the oil of the beans are best maintained, and preparation is simple as well to help deeply enjoy the full aroma of the coffee.

2) Moka Pot
This equipment uses pressurized steam to extract coffee. Pour water and ground beans into the pot, and set it to boil. The steam from the boil extracts a near espresso-style coffee.
As the only home equipment that can extract espressos via pressure, you can enjoy a much darker coffee flavor than with hand drip coffee.

Coffee, an essential part of daily life!
Now, select your coffee bean and even method of concoction to your preferences. Through flavor, scent and ambiance, you can transform your humdrum, overly repetitive days into something special.