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The Romance of the Mediterranean,
‘Positano’, Italy

The steady spring breeze sends our hearts aflutter and lets our minds drift. It’s a time where we all wish to melt into the warm sun, sparkling seas and peaceful scenery. The perfect romantic destination from March to May. Come along on a journey to ‘Positano’, Italy!

Positano, The Gem of the Amalfi Coast

Located in Campania, southern Italy, Positano is a leading holiday destination along with Napoli and Amalfi. Positano also gained attention when Hollywood actor Brad Pitt gifted Angelina Jolie a holiday house here.

The cobalt blue seas are a big part of what makes Positano. To the East lies the Spiaggia Grande beach, and to the West rests Fornillo beach.
Spiaggia Grande is known to be the best beach along the Amalfi Coast. Many people from Europe visit the beach, giving the place a vibrant holiday vibe. Feel the ocean winds on a speedboat, or surrender yourself to the waves on your paddle board. You don’t even have to set foot into the water, lie on the gray sands and look out into the Mediterranean. It will truly heal your soul.

Fornillo is a relatively quiet and serene beach. You can enjoy picking up different colored tiles on this beach, thanks to the unique tile culture in Positano. Summers here get as hot as 40℃. Thus, the walls and floors are decorated with Maiolica, a type of building tile. Every year, used tiles are set out in the ocean, and the waves erode them into glossy stones on the beach. Encounter the colorful tile pebblestones, and secure yourself the most Positano-like souvenir.

You can reach beautiful Positano by public transport or driving.
There are mainly 2 types of public transport; hop on the SITA bus from Sorrento, or take the ferry. However, please note that the ferry only operates from April to October.
Renting a car and driving along the Amalfi coast is another preferred method. The 40km Amalfi coast driving course took 47 years to build and is an amazing seaside drive where you get a view of the seashore cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea. The destination was selected number one in National Geographic’s ‘100 Places of a Lifetime’.
On coastal roads which are frequently curved and easy to slip on, sports tires such as NEXEN TIRE’s N’FERA SU1 are ideal. The ultimate coastal drive will surely stimulate your senses, but you should never speed on the extremely winding road.

A Fairy Tale Village on a Steep Cliff

Positano’s beauty does not only stop with the beach. The cliff town built on an extreme angle looks just like a scene in a fairy tale. The white walls, colorful roofs, the lights that come on one by one at sunset, the light shining through the windows, the crimson-colored sky… Everything comes together into the perfect scenery.
Stroll slowly along the alleyways to find delicious hidden restaurants. Jump on a scooter just like in the film, <Roman Holiday>. If you notice the hint of lemon lingering in the air, stop and check out the various products made from lemons, the special regional produce of Positano. Whether you choose Limoncello, lemon candles, or lemon candies, many products offer you the chance to return home with the scent of Positano in your heart.
Be sure to spend a reasonable amount of time in Positano. Small town charms are tucked away down side streets, and are easy to miss if you are in a hurry. Also, pack comfortable shoes. Safe and comfortable shoes are necessary to deal with the steep valleys and beaches with tile stones.

The quaint Italian city ‘Positano’, where you need to get lost to really discover its charm! Set aside your habits of busy life, and see where your feet take you on your way to meet peaceful Positano.