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Do You Suddenly Become a Different Person
when Behind the Wheel?

Some say that you need to see a person drive to tell if they are really a good person or not. Otherwise, a calm, mature person may become a completely different person when behind the wheel.
If an alter ego that you weren’t aware of was to appear whenever you are driving, how about taking that moment to reflect on yourself?

You! You! You! You’re Bringing Out the Anger in Me!

1) Intercepting type
Cars that boldly cut in front! This is the main source of road rage. When a car carelessly butts in, switches lanes and speeds off, you simply want to scream.
Same with drivers that keep switching lanes as if they are the busiest people in the world. It’s infuriating when a sly one cuts in after you’ve been following the lane obediently and waiting for the signal to change.

2) No sign type
A safety promise to each other, indicators and emergency lights! But some drivers don’t make use of them at all. Some suddenly swerve directions and don’t turn their indicators on. Some stop without turning their emergency lights on, and some even stop to let people in or off in the middle of the road. How much does one need to tolerate?!
They surely must know that sudden situations are very dangerous to the driver behind them.

3) Blocking type
Overtaking lane lines, and ordinary driving lines have different purposes. For the fluid flow of traffic among faster and slower cars, it is common sense to keep the overtaking lane vacated. When two slow cars are blocking your way as if they’ve made friends, the anger suddenly perks up again. Especially when you had so much momentum going for you!
Other infuriating cases include rude parking, reckless driving, inattentiveness to one’s surroundings from talking on the phone and more.

Why Are We so Easily Angered while Driving!

1) I don’t drive like that…
Drivers who are overly confident and proud of their skills may easily become angry at less capable drivers or mistakes. It is because they think everyone else’s driving skills are not up to par. Also, they often project an authoritative attitude because they believe they have complete control over their car.
However, remember that overconfidence can wreak havoc and one should cultivate calm, safe driving habits!

2) The other drivers can’t hear my swearing…
Since other drivers are in their own cars, they wouldn’t hear you unless you slide the windows down and argue with them. It’s best to vent in your own space.
Being inside a car guarantees the identity and safety of an individual, which makes people react dramatically even to the slightest things. However, if someone else is in the car, stay vigilant and be considerate!

The inside of the car is a unique space. You notice things you normally wouldn’t, since things surface with no filter. However, you mustn’t think this as being normal. You need to nurture a calm, gentle driving manner even when you are by yourself. You may end up acting out even when you have loved ones or your family in the car who you will spend the rest of your life with.