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Manchester City FC
Continues on a Roll with NEXEN TIRE!

Manchester City FC with its amazing performances.
We introduce to you to Manchester City FC’s amazing plays that are setting records of an unprecedented number of goals and points. The team is powerfully advancing in the same way as NEXEN TIRE is spreading around the world.

New Record of Consecutive Wins in EPL,
and Going Strong with a 22-match Unbeaten Streak!

Manchester City FC has set new records by winning 18 consecutive games in the 2017-2018 season of the English Premier League(EPL). This is a remarkable record on its own, a big leap over the 14 consecutive wins by Arsenal FC in the past. Not only that, Manchester City FC set an unbeaten record (22 wins, 2 draws) from 1st round matches as of March 22nd. These records possess significant meaning in the Premier League which features the world’s top players.

Sergio Agüero scored 5 goals including a hat-trick in January and was awarded Player of the Month by the Premier League. Sergio Agüero scored more than 20 goals every year for 4 consecutive seasons, becoming the team’s all-time highest goal-scorer. We are very excited to see his future performance!

2017-2018 Season, 5th to Win the Carabao Cup!

Manchester City FC has gone on to win the 2017-2018 Carabao Cup.
The team had a good start beating out West Bromwich Albion FC in the first match to win the cup. Henceforth, the team kicked off a roll of wins, and on February 26 (Feb. 25, local time), Manchester City FC beat Arsenal FC in the finals by a score of 3-0 to win the cup.
There was added significance in the win as it was Manchester City FC’s 5th winning of the cup, and Coach Pep Guardiola’s first win in England.

What is the ‘Carabao Cup’?
The Carabao Cup is an English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), where professional football players from English and Welsh football associations compete. Since the sponsorship agreement with the Thai energy drink company Carabao, the official name became the ‘Carabao Cup.’

Manchester City FC, Aiming to Win the Premier League!

Manchester City FC has eyes on the EPL champion spot.
The team beat Stoke City FC 2:0 in the 30th round, recording 26 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss (as of March 22, 2018). Manchester City FC was the first to amass points in the 80s with 81 points. The number is 16 points higher than the 2nd ranking team, Manchester United FC. 3 more wins will guarantee Manchester City FC the champion spot in four years dating back to the 2013-2014 season.

Thanks to Manchester City FC’s success, partner company ‘NEXEN TIRE’ has been gaining a great deal of attention.
NEXEN TIRE has actively supported Manchester City FC since 2015. In March 2017, the renewed partnership expanded in scope. This included becoming the number one team to implement the ‘official sleeve partnership’ that the English Premier League(EPL) launched for the first time.
Gaining exposure through printed logos and the players’ uniform sleeves, NEXEN TIRE is strengthening its reputation as a global tire manufacturer. This season, and for three more after that, NEXEN TIRE will be featured on the uniform sleeves of Manchester City FC.

NEXEN TIRE and Manchester City FC continue to put forth their utmost efforts together to publicly display what a true partnership means. We hope you cheer us on for Manchester City FC to continue to lead the English Premier League!