NEXEN TIRE’s annual Dealer Conference aims to introduce the latest news, new products and marketing campaigns for NEXEN TIRE dealers and sub-dealers worldwide.

The Dealer Conference is a region-specific sales event carried out to meet the market needs and promote active communication with dealers who are at the forefront of NEXEN TIRE sales. This year, the Dealer Conference has again been held in many regions.

Spain full of passion - enhance confidence
with hands-on experience

The Dealer Conference was held in Madrid, Spain on May 12 with SOLEDAD and 100 KEY Dealers in attendance.

Starting with the pre-meeting and dinner party on the day before, the event featured a showcase of new region-specific products: the N’FERA RU1, the ROADIAN HTX RH5, and the eco-friendly N’blue HD Plus. The most significant program was to drive a circuit in a vehicle fitted with the N'FERA SU1, which is NEXEN TIRE’s main product in the European market.

This conference not only strengthened the relationship with dealers, but also enhanced their confidence in NEXEN TIRE and new products, as well as solidifying their interest in OE status. We expect that dealers will build on the momentum provided by this Dealer Conference to support us in promoting sales.

Russia - a strategic point for winter tire sales

The Dealer Conference was held in Moscow, Russia on May 22, following the conference in Spain, and featured a briefing session to help TREK TYRE and 60 KEY Dealers better understand the winter tires now available in the Russian market (WINGUARD Snow G, WINGUARD win Spike, WINGUARD sport, WINGUARD ice, WINGUARD 231, WINGUARD SUV, EURO WIN).

We hope that dealers were able to better understand our vision through this Dealer Conference where and that, going forward, we can cement our business relationship to keep rolling on in Russia.


The Dealer Conference was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on a hot August 14. We introduced Natric and 40 key dealers to our latest products to demonstrate the technological prowess of NEXEN TIRE, including the N8000 URS (Ultra Run-flat System, Run-flat tire), N'priz SH9i and ROADIAN CT8.

The briefing session increased the trust and loyalty of dealers toward NEXEN TIRE. This conference presented a positive brand image of NEXEN TIRE with full-blown global marketing campaigns and global recognition for dealers in South Africa.


The Dealer Conference was held in Minsk, Belarus, on September 4 with SHATE-M and 20 key dealers in attendance.

In introducing dealers to new products (WINGUARD win Spike, WINGUARD 231, WINGUARD ice, WINGUARD Snow G, WINGUARD sport, WINGUARD SUV and EURO WIN), we improved dealer confidence in NEXEN TIRE and interest of dealers and sub-dealers as well, which is expected to help increase the sales of winter tires.


Lastly, on December 2, the Dealer Conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden, where our branch office is situated. This conference lasted for two days, with 20 Norwegian SUPERDEKK dealers in attendance.

We introduced our latest products (WINGUARD win Spike, WINGUARD win Spike WH62, N’blue HD plus, N’FERA SU1), toured the town and had a dinner party to celebrate. The Dealer Conference was carried out in a comfortable atmosphere and was significant in terms of the wide interest and trust shown in NEXEN TIRE.

Wrapping up the 2014 Dealer Conference with dealers worldwide!

It is no longer strange to find NEXEN TIRE worlwide. We'd like to ask for your interest and support toward NEXEN TIRE in striving to expand its reach across the world!