"Is winter driving dangerous? No, winter driving is dynamic!"

NEXEN TIRE recommends the best roads for driving amid spectacular winter snow scenes! Here’s a rundown of the most magnificent views.

Atlantic Road - Norway

Opened in 1989, Atlantic Road is an 8.2km-long stretch of road that passes over a number of islands along the Northwestern coast of Norway. It is both a technological and artistic

It has a schanze-like sloped curve route that delivers a thrilling driving experience. Thought it is often beset by storms due to the nature of being a coastal road, many drivers from all around the world come to feel the tingle of excitement of driving through strong winds and raging waves in the winter.

Besides driving along the seashore, the beautiful sight of mountains capped with perpetual snow and coastal villages nestling under the mountain will heighten the experience of winter driving!

Furkapass - Switzerland

Furkapass is a winding road that has been likened to a snake coiling itself around a mountain. This mountainous road is famous with drivers who enjoy the thrill of driving.

Furkapass builds suspense, especially in the winter, because it borders dramatic cliffs. However, the beautiful views you get from Furkapss have no parallel anywhere else in the world, making it a worthwhile place to drive, despite the danger.

Only those who drive Furkapass can get a taste of a beautiful and spectacular view that is truly one of a kind - from the splendor of the white snow-covered Alps to the hiking course underfoot!

Col de Turini - France

Col de Turini is famous for a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally, a French rally with a rich history.

The road continues beyond a small, cozy and beautiful French village up between high vertical rock faces. Driving this road between rock faces is what’s great about the Col De Turini. At the top of the narrow, crooked road between magnificent rock faces, drivers emerge out onto a serene landscape that is nothing like the vertiginous road they arrived on.

While looking down on a small quaint French village below that seems to be covered in white snow, you will be able to set your mind at rest and release your stress. If you want to experience the grander-scale road and face a peaceful, dreamlike sight at the end of it, head to the Col de Turini in France!

These top 3 best roads for winter driving boast beautiful snow scenes in nature that’s beyond description! Remember, though, that safety is perquisite for a driving experience that stays fun and fantastic. Specifically, remember to mount winter tires when driving on icy roads covered in snow and black ice.

The winter tires that work great on icy roads as recommended by NEXEN TIRE include the N Priz 4S, WINGUARD Snow G WH2, WINGUARD Snow G, WINGUARD win Spike WH62, WINGUARD win Spike, WINGUARD WT1, WINGUARD sport, WINGUARD ice, WINGUARD ice SUV, WINGUARD 231, WINGUARD SUV and EURO WIN.

This winter, choose a winter tire that best suits your driving style and the road conditions, whether in terms of performance and braking power on icy roads or high-speed driving. Above all, enjoy fun, safe winter driving!