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Title NEXEN TIRE Runs Advertisements and Promotion Game Events through Asphalt 8 Date2016-04-11

NEXEN TIRE Runs Advertisements and Promotion Game Events through Asphalt 8

NEXEN TIRE places advertisements in Asphalt 8 and holds various in-game events targeting European countries
The advertisement is expected to play effective role in increasing awareness of the NEXEN TIRE brand in European region

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that it will hold new advertising and promotional game events through the popular mobile racing game, Asphalt 8, in Europe.

Starting from March 30, NEXEN TIRE placed video and banner advertisements in Asphalt 8, and will hold various in-game events including a customized NEXEN TIRE sponsor cup (NEXEN TIRE CUP) and mini games targeting European countries.

Asphalt 8: NEXEN TIRE CUP, which will be held between April 13 and 17, will consist of races among users in 5 European countries: England, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Based on lap time rankings, a wide array of prizes will be awarded, including 650,000 credits for the 1st and 2nd prize winners, 350 tokens for players finishing in the top 100, and other various prizes.

A video advertisement for the NEXEN TIRE-Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) partnership is currently being shown in Asphalt 8. At the end of the advertisement, a banner announcing the Asphalt 8: NEXEN TIRE CUP, to be held between April 13 and 17, will be displayed. Users who view the video will automatically be awarded a game token.

In addition, the NEXEN TIRE SKILLS CHALLENGE mini game, which is a penalty shootout competition game, will be added into Asphalt 8, and be available from May 6 to 19. All participants in the mini game will also receive a game token.

“Marketing events through Asphalt 8 aimed at European countries, are expected to play an effective role in introducing the NEXEN TIRE brand to European countries along with European TV advertising campaigns and our partnership with MCFC” said NEXEN TIRE.

Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE is currently sharing the content about the Asphalt 8 sponsor cup and other marketing activities through NEXEN TIRE’s official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/nexentire.global), and hold an event to present PlayStation 4 gaming consoles to a select fan.

Asphalt 8 is a world-famous mobile racing game that offers a virtual experience of racing with fantastic stunts on exotic tracks.

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