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Title NEXEN TIRE to Launch its First Integrated Marketing Campaign, ‘Purple Summit’ for Business Partners Date2016-03-02

● NEXEN TIRE introduces its first integrated marketing campaign, ‘Purple Summit’ to foster strong relationships with business partners
● The initial campaign event, ‘2016 Purple Summit, Manchester’, will offer meaningful experiences through various programs for NEXEN TIRE business partners. 

Seoul, South Korea, March 02, 2016 – NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tire manufacturer, announced that the company will launch ‘Purple Summit’, an integrated marketing campaign, as part of its efforts to expand global marketing activities and strengthen relationships with business partners.

Along with the momentum garnered from Travis Kang’s appointment as its new CEO, NEXEN TIRE plans to accelerate its global marketing activities through the launch of the ‘Purple Summit’ campaign, a new symbol of NEXEN TIRE’s continued efforts to enhance business partnerships. Starting this year, NEXEN TIRE will host upcoming events for its business partners under the name of ‘Purple Summit’. The newly introduced ‘Purple Summit’ campaign looks to enhance business relationships at home and abroad through various programs and activities while also sharing NEXEN TIRE’s future visions with business partners, reaffirming their choice to work together.

The first ‘Purple Summit’ campaign, entitled ‘2016 Purple Summit, Manchester,’ will be held from March 4th to 6th in Manchester, England. During the campaign, more than 70 participants will have opportunities to gain a full understanding of NEXEN TIRE through numerous programs including a gala dinner, the NEXEN Conference, the NEXEN Booth Tour and enjoying a football match at Etihad Stadium.

In particular, NEXEN TIRE will have a chance to introduce itself, its new product lines and global marketing activities, as well as its successful partnership with Manchester City FC, an official sponsorship partner, during the NEXEN Conference on March 5th. All of the business partners will then take a tour of the NEXEN Booth installed at Etihad Stadium where tire-challenge events and promotional materials will be exhibited to the local Manchester fans helping them to get to know more about NEXEN TIRE. Later, all attendees will get to enjoy the soccer match between Manchester City FC and Aston Villa FC held as part of a sponsor match day event, a sponsorship right of NEXEN TIRE to fully support one of the home games of Manchester City FC.

“NEXEN TIRE has initiated the ‘Purple Summit’ for its worldwide business partners to establish solid relationships starting in March 2016 in Manchester, England. Through the program, NEXEN TIRE will continue to make a long-lasting commitment to its partners, as well as to its customers all around the world,” said NEXEN TIRE.

For more details, a video clip of ‘2016 Purple Summit, Manchester’ is available at the official Facebook page of NEXEN TIRE (www.facebook.com/nexentire.global).
Meanwhile, NEXEN TIRE has been strengthening its presence worldwide. In October 2015, the company started the construction of a new tire manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic, which will feature the most advanced automation systems along with environmentally friendly technologies. Commercial operation is planned to commence in 2018.


NEXEN TIRE to Launch its First Integrated Marketing Campaign, ‘Purple Summit’ for Business Partners
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