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Six Convenient Things You Never Knew
Existed among New Car Accessories

The inconveniences and annoyance you experience when you drive is the biggest motivation for you to search for brand-new car related products. Here, we are going to introduce you to 6 new car accessories that will completely resolve some of the inconveniences you have been experiencing as a driver as if your mind has been read.

An Essential Item on Rainy Days, the Car Umbrella Holder

It’s quite a headache to get in and out of your car with an umbrella in your hand on rainy days, isn’t it? In particular, when you put an umbrella that is still wet on the car floor, the seat gets wet, or the floor mat collects small puddles of water, thereby contributing to the humidity inside your car. A neat and tidy solution for this problem is the car umbrella holder.
You can change the length of your car umbrella holder according to the size of your umbrella, and you can also easily fixate your umbrella using the ring attached to the car umbrella holder. The car umbrella holder is a very cool and new car accessory that prevents water from accumulating on your car floor.

Stop Worrying About Cookie Crumbs with the Car Seat Tray

If you have many children, or if you frequently work in the back seat of your car, please listen up!
If this applies to you, use the car seat tray which gets attached to the back of a front seat. When snacks or beverages are being consumed by someone in your car's back seat, the car seat tray prevents them from spilling, and you can also store leftovers in the tray without having to have them lying around in your car. Therefore, it makes the inside of your car cleaner and tidier.
The car seat tray can also be used as a small desk on which you can place frequently used items such as newspapers, cell phones, documents, pens, and laptops. With such diverse usages, the car seat tray is a very charming brand-new car accessory.

When You Need a Helping Hand While Driving, the Multi Cup Holder

Are you frustrated with the lack of storage space around the driver's seat of your car? If so, we recommend you install a multi cup holder. Because the multi cup holder adds several cup holders to the existing two cup holders in your car, by using it, you can not only drink beverages and eat snacks in your car, but you can also hang other things on it. As such, the multiple cup holder is a must-have item for those looking for versatility.
Now that you know about the multi cup holder, you no longer have to ask your fellow rider to hold your cup for you, and you also don't need to have stuff lying around in the back seat and the passenger seat of your car anymore. The multi cup holder is a new car accessory that leaves you feeling assured while driving.

Driving Without Even Looking at the Dashboard, the HUD (Head Up Display)

You must have had at least one occasion when you passed by a speed camera unbeknownst to yourself because you were looking at your car's dashboard to observe the specified speed limits. People without sufficient driving experience often fail to notice what is on the road while focusing on the dashboard. The Head Up Display(HUD) is very useful for such kinds of individuals.
The HUD is a device that displays your driving information onto your car’s front glass so that you can view your driving information without shifting your gaze too much. Recently, even HUD that has not only a speedometer function but also a navigation feature has been released into the market, making driving even more convenient. As such, the HUD is a smart brand-new car accessory.

Making the Inside of Your Car Feel Like Home, the Mini Cooling/Heating Cabinet

Is it possible to conveniently drink both hot and cool beverages while in your car? The answer is yes.
This is attained through use of the mini cooling/heating cabinet, which connects to your car via the cigarette lighter socket, which is becoming increasingly enhanced. In the summer, you can freshly store beverages, snacks and more, in your mini cooling/heating cabinet by setting it to cooling mode. In the winter, you can use it to keep things warm like beverages and hot packs warm by setting it to heating mode. As such, the mini cooling heating cabinet is a very convenient and brand-new car accessory.

Stop Worrying about Fine Dust Inside Your Car with the Car Air Purifier

Fine dust is a major problem these days, and a new car accessory has been released to address the problem; the car air purifier!
When you drive, you cannot completely block the outside air despite being inside your car. This has triggered much interest in car air purifiers. A device that can purify the air inside your car is needed especially in the winter when your car’s heater stays turned on for extended periods of time without the enclosed space being frequently ventilated. The car air purifier is a car accessory particularly useful for those people with children or who suffer from respiratory diseases.

If you drive a lot, there must be many things you want to get to make your in-vehicle environment more convenient for you. If so, try installing some of these new car accessories you learned about today from NEXEN TIRE and take your driving life to the next level.