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Become the Center of Attention
at Year-End Parties with Special Cocktails

As the year comes to an end, we start feeling sorry about the passing of the year, but at the same time, we also get excited for the year ahead. Because the end of the year also signals that a new year will be beginning. How about expressing your special thanks to people dear to you by personally making cocktails for them at this year’s year-end parties?

Brandy Alexander for Your Loved Ones

The Brandy Alexander is a cocktail created in 1863 to commemorate the marriage of Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom, and Alexandra, the eldest daughter of the Kingdom of Denmark.
The Brandy Alexander is a cocktail in which the gentle flavors of cacao and milk are more pronounced than the strong flavor of brandy, and it tends to be favored by women. The Brandy Alexander is very popular because its elegant fragrance and the soft sensation it gives when going down your throat. We recommend that you make a Brandy Alexander for your special someone who has stood by you throughout 2018, or if you don’t have one yet, for your special person who you are trying to woo.

Shirley Temple for Year-End Parties with Children

At year-end parties with children, cocktails that are non-alcoholic but can amp up the mood are best.
The Shirley Temple is a cocktail that was first created at a hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii for the then child actress Shirley Temple, who was a frequent visitor to the hotel. Named after the child actress, this cocktail combines grenadine with a carbonated beverage and is characterized by its sweet-and-sour yet fizzy taste.
Not only children but also those who are not fond of strong cocktails fall in love with the refreshingness of the Shirley Temple. In addition, its bright orange color adds to the fun year-end atmosphere.

Sangria for Passionate Year-End Parties

The Sangria is not only beautiful when served separately in glasses, but it also oozes a sense of abundance when served generously in glass jars. Meaning 'dripping blood' in Spanish, the Sangria is a traditional Spanish party cocktail that boasts an equally red, strong hue guaranteed to catch attention.
The recipe can vary slightly depending on the taste of the region or individual, but the common characteristic of the drink is that you can make it with ease and in large quantities without spending much by mixing low-price wine with different drinks and juices. Because the Sangria tastes neat, sweet and gentle overall, it can be enjoyed by anyone, and it also goes well with both seafood and meat.

In Relaxed Settings, Serve Irish Coffee

If you plan to wrap up the year chitchatting in a relaxed setting, we recommend the fragrant 'Irish Coffee'. Irish coffee was invented in 1942 by a bartender who was working at a restaurant at a passenger ship terminal in Foynes, Ireland to soothe exhausted travelers shivering from the cold at the terminal. Made by pouring sweet cream and whiskey into coffee, Irish coffee gave warmth to many such people. It can be made with great ease at home as well.

Using standard recipes for making cocktails is good, but it can be really fun to tweak those recipes a little to make cocktails that better suit your taste and preference.
How about recommending different cocktails to people according to the atmosphere of the year-end party as well as their individual tastes? Doing so will help create a far more special, intimate year-end party than those where strong liquor is abounded in large numbers.