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Extreme Bucket List of Things
You Should Do before You Die

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do in your life? There must be a wide variety of things you want to get done, from small things to those close to your ideal goals. Regardless, we offer you an extreme bucket list of things we feel you should do before you die.

Fly Freely in the Sky, Skydiving

Everyone must have dreamed of flying in the sky at least once. How about pushing yourself to try skydiving, a relatively easy activity where you can achieve that dream?
Skydiving is an extreme sport where you go high in the sky and free fall until you get sufficiently close to the ground, at which point you open your parachute for landing. The suspense that begins as you go up in the sky on a plane or helicopter culminates when the doors open upon reaching a certain altitude. At the moment of diving, the fear disappears, and you can feel catharsis unlike any experienced before.
You may almost faint as you witness the nonchalant movement of the instructor diving with you, but once you've fully come to your senses, you will find spectacular scenery in front of you. Skydiving is an activity that challenges you enough to make all your minor issues and worries seem insignificant.

Driving While Kicking Up Sand, Desert Driving

Sick of the usual congested roads on your way to and from work? How about trying a different driving activity where you can speed away to your heart’s content without concern for the road conditions? The next item in the extreme bucket list involves off-road driving on sand.
In this activity, you would be freely crossing the sand dunes of a vast desert without the constraints of lanes and traffic signals. The biggest appeal of desert driving where you careen fast on sand is that there are no limitations. That alone can give you the great joy of escaping from everyday life. In addition, as your car wobbles and shifts by seemingly performing acrobatics, desert driving can also provide you with overwhelming thrills incomparable to those you can experience on any amusement park ride.
Rid yourself of any prejudice that desert driving might be boring simply because of the vastness of the landscape. You can be mesmerized by beautiful scenery that you have never seen before. Deserts at dusk are especially beautiful and marvelous, dazzling scenery you must see before you die.

Climbing Up a Frozen Waterfall, Ice Climbing

Unlike rock climbing, ice climbing is a sport enjoyed on a frozen ice cliff and hence requires professional equipment. While ice climbing looks easy at first glance due to the help of special equipment, you are bound to exert a lot of physical energy every step of the way up. In particular, as the sport requires you to hang on an ice cliff relying only on the strength of your arms and legs, it is helpful for muscle development. In other words, you need to develop the necessary muscles through sufficient practice.
Once you’ve scaled the ice cliff to a certain height, you no longer feel cold at all. Be sure to try ice climbing and experience the joy and delight of going up from the ground to the top of a completely frozen waterfall!

Feeling the Adventurous Spirit of Explorers, Extreme Kayaking

When kayaking, you submit yourself to the precarious flow of the river! Kayaking, an activity where you sail along a valley on rapidly-flowing water rather than on a calm lake, is an iconic symbol of explorers. Extreme kayaking which is enjoyed in an extreme environment can give you a tremendous sense of achievement as it involves pushing through and overcoming difficult situations. It is an extreme bucket list item that provides you with the opportunity to test your patience and limitations and relish beautiful scenery unfolding before your eyes after overcoming torrents.
Extreme kayaking is a sport that can be best enjoyed with friends. And that's because extreme kayaking entails situations where people need to rely on and cooperate with each other, pulling and pushing for one another. The joy is greater when we overcome torrents together by communicating trust in each other, compared to when you do so by yourself.

Extreme kayaking is an extreme bucket list item that demands that you never give up and challenge yourself over and again in a variety of difficult situations. If you feel jaded because of the routine feeling of everyday life, do not hesitate to try extreme kayaking. After going through a stream of challenges, you will find a great sense of joy and achievement that overwhelm you!