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How to Protect the Skin of Men from UV Rays

Summer is coming, and men often look the most attractive under the sun. But it means the skin is fully exposed. Exposing your healthy body is okay, but you tend to forget that the skin can easily become damaged.
Summer is when men want to keep their skin tanned but protect it from being damaged. But first things first. Take care of your skin!

First, keep your skin clean

Every summer, do you suffer from oily skin while full of adrenalin? If the skin balance of oil and water is disturbed and the skin gets oily, the first thing to do is to keep your skin clean, not to apply sunscreen. Because sunscreen is supposed to be used to block the sunshine, it can be rather harmful to your skin if the skin is not balanced.
Above all, wash your face more meticulously than you do in other seasons. Wash the parts that you usually don’t take enough time with such as the sides of nose, ears, chin and philtrum. In order not to eliminate too much oil, use a moisturizing cleanser to wash and then hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream that is right for your skin type. Choose a light moisturizer you can apply multiple times, keeping an eye on your skin oil level at the same time. It would be better to block the UV ray after making bright complexion with cleanser and moisturizer.

Second, always apply sunscreen

Sun cream is essential. We see more and more groomers these days, and there are many products that are optimized for a variety of men’s skin types. Find out your skin type and characteristics when washing your face every day. And then choose the right sun cream for you.
It would be best if it has ingredients for anti-aging or anti-pollution on top of sunblock. You probably want to get a light, refreshing formula without the feeling of oil or heavy cream. But don’t forget to check the SPF index as well as the type of formula to attain the sun blocking effect.
It’s easy to apply. You use it at the end of your skin care routine. It’s less effective if you use a small amount. Take the size of one crease of your finger, spread and smooth it out on your skin carefully. As it is effective 30 minutes after being applied, make sure to use half an hour before you go out. If you’re doing some outdoor leisure activity, reapply it every 3 hours. Whether you stay indoors, or if it’s cloudy, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

Third, if you’re already suntanned, calm down your skin with a soothing item

You take care of your skin every day, and didn’t forget about sunscreen, but your skin is flushed with strong sunshine. If that’s the case, you need to have your skin calmed down. You need to reinvigorate the tired skin, improve skin elasticity and rebuild the skin protective wall as soon as possible.
As strong UV can severely damage the skin, you need to soothe it immediately. You can use skin soothing items that can hydrate skin such as mask packs with cooling effects and sleeping masks that can hydrate your skin throughout the night.
If you feel that your pores are widened due to the heat, use a pore tightening item. Of course, never forget to wash your face clean and moisturize your skin in the meantime.

Why is UV so dangerous? It is because it’s the main cause of skin spots, freckles and aging due to the melanin pigment. Keep your skin healthy and looking cool and fit under the sizzling sun!