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Your Car Requires Close Attention
in the Rainy Summer

The weather forecast says there will be a lot of rain this summer. Your car, with which you start and finish your day, also needs to be ready for rainy days.

Secure a clear view!

A clear view is essential when it rains. Especially when it pours down, poor visibility significantly affects safe driving.
First of all, check if the windshield wipers are working properly. They are consumables and, if the rubber blades become damaged, they can’t eliminate rainwater properly even making noise. If your wipers are about six months old, replace them with new ones before the rainy season.

Oil film created on the front windshield due to pollutants like exhaust gas and fine dust hinders clear view and wiper operation. It’s a good idea to clearly remove the oil on the glass surface and apply water repellent on it. It’d be better to do the same for side mirrors and windows on the side.

Headlight maintenance is also important as it allows the driver to see clearly and alerts other motorists and pedestrians of one’s presence.
As headlights are vulnerable to damage from UV rays, they need to be monitored and checked, especially in summer. Apply UV coating to prevent the headlights from turning yellowish or cloudy. Wipe them with a dry cloth after driving and, if there are any scratches, repair them with polishing compound. This way, you will have a safe drive even in rainy days.

Tire check!

Hydroplaning is one of the most dangerous factors when it comes to driving. It occurs when a layer of water builds up between the tires of the vehicle and the wet road surface, leading to a loss of traction. If this happens, the driver loses control of steering, braking and accelerating. To prevent this, tire pressure and tire wear should always be checked.

Tires constantly expand and contract during the rainy season when the daily temperature range is wide, causing the pressure to drop easily. Check the right tire pressure for your car on the sticker inside the driver’s door and make it 10~20% higher than that to improve drainage performance.
Check the pressure with your own portable tire pressure gauge or make it a habit to regularly monitor the pressure at gas stations or car washes, thus ensuring that you enjoy a safe drive throughout all seasons.

Tire wear significantly affects the life of tires. Severe tire wear can increase the possibility of hydroplaning. To check for tire wear, move up along the triangle mark on the sidewall of the tire to find the tread wear bars. As the surface of the tire gets closer to the bars, tread wear becomes evident.

Summer, the season when you want to head off for some destination.
If you can’t wait to go and drive even in the sizzling sunshine or rain, keep in mind and follow the tips for summer car maintenance. You will have a safe drive even in fickle weather.