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NEXEN TIRE Successfully Completes
‘2018 PURPLE SUMMIT Manchester’
for Worldwide Business Partners

NEXEN TIRE has successfully completed its ‘2018 PURPLE SUMMIT Manchester,’ the company’s annual integrated marketing campaign.

Held from April 20 to 23 in Manchester, UK, the home city of NEXEN TIRE’s partner Manchester City Football Club, the 2018 PURPLE SUMMIT Manchester demonstrates the company’s efforts to foster and strengthen its relationships with its worldwide business partners (Australia, USA, Brazil, UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan etc.). This year’s campaign, attended by more than 60 invitees, was particularly meaningful thanks to Manchester City’s recent claim of the 2017-18 English Premier League title.

More networking opportunities and sharing success cases

This year’s PURPLE SUMMIT provided for attendees more networking opportunities and recreational time to enjoy the city. With the new manufacturing facility at the Czech Republic soon to be operational, the company outlined future business plans and shared insights for a better future.
The main conference, held on Sunday, April 22, was also reorganized to include segments such as the introduction of the tube and solid businesses as well as offering extended business relationships and sharing partner success stories. With participation from the City Football Group, 2018 PURPLE SUMMIT Manchester also highlighted the successful strategic partnership between NEXEN TIRE and Manchester City FC.

Sponsor match day with various fan events, including the NEXEN Skills Challenge

Participants in the PURPLE SUMMIT were invited to join NEXEN TIRE at Etihad Stadium to watch Manchester City’s game with Swansea City AFC on April 22. At the Sponsor Match Day, the partners and Manchester City fans had the opportunity to experience the brands to the fullest, with NEXEN TIRE’s activity zone dedicated to providing fun activities for attendees and their families.

Sponsor Match Day also included the final round of the ‘NEXEN Skills Challenge’ during halftime, a three-month challenge where youth football players competed for trophies by showing their football skills. At the final event, the top two performers were honored by NEXEN TIRE.
The NEXEN Skills Challenge started in February 2018 for youth football players and provided them with blue carpet experiences, match-tickets and goodie bags. The participating players will also have opportunities to be coached by the City Football Club.

Particularly, the landslide 5:0 victory of Manchester City FC against Swansea City AFC during the summit gave us great pleasure. Thanks to the five goals scored by David Silva, Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus, we were able to wrap up the day in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.

The PURPLE SUMMIT was successfully completed, receiving high marks from participants, all more than ‘Satisfied’ based on a survey conducted after the event. The attendees expressed high levels of satisfaction, commenting “Really nice event, close to perfection,” “I look forward to attending next year,” and so on.
“We’re very pleased to hold the ‘2018 PURPLE SUMMIT’ for our business partners and clients across the globe,” said Travis Kang, CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “We will expand support for the event so that it can be a place for our close global partnerships providing opportunities to grow together.”
NEXEN TIRE will continue to engage our partners around the world through the PURPLE SUMMIT and further increase our brand awareness and its global impact.