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NEXEN TIRE Breaks Ground
for New North America Tire Technology Center

NEXEN TIRE works every way possible to be one of the leading tire brands in the global arena in terms of both volume and quality. It has been recognized by many international design awards and renowned auto magazines for its product quality and technology, and has enhances its brand awareness through a wide range of sports marketing activities. As part of such efforts, NEXEN TIRE will open a new technology center for North America in Ohio, U.S.

NEXEN TIRE has broken ground for its new tire technology center in Richfield, Ohio, U.S. The 5 million U.S. dollar, 3,159 square meters (or 34,000 square feet) building will include offices, labs, test machines, and a warehouse, and will also be the first building in the new prestigious Richfield Crossroads Development District.

The new technology center demonstrates NEXEN TIRE’s commitment to the North and South American markets and will provide advanced and innovative technologies for the development of cutting-edge, safe and eco-friendly tires for both the Original Equipment and Replacement markets.
Established in 1942, NEXEN TIRE is a global tire manufacturer headquartered in Yangsan and Seoul, South Korea. Ranked 18th globally, it has presented aggressive growth plans to become one of the global top 10 manufacturers by 2025. As one of the world's fastest growing tire manufacturer working with dealers in 141 countries around the world, NEXEN TIRE has established R&D centers globally in Korea, the US, China and Germany, carrying out diverse research and development activities for NEXEN TIRE’s top-quality tires.

NEXEN TIRE is also currently operating three manufacturing plants – two in Korea and one in Qingdao, China. A new plant is under construction in Zatec, Czech Republic and will be operational by 2018. NEXEN TIRE’s Changnyeong plant has been recognized as one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art tire manufacturing plants in the world with an annual output of 12 million units. Additional plans for a North American plant is also in progress, with production start-up goal aiming for 2021.

To become global top 10 tire brand by 2025, NEXEN TIRE will keep pushing itself towards new frontiers. Keep watching as we excel and showcase our ability.