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NEXEN TIRE Receives Strong Ratings
in Auto Bild Tire Performance Tests!

Germany is not only the largest auto market in Europe, boasting of many home-grown premium auto brands, but is also highly interested in vehicles, commensurate with such reputation. One example of such interest is reflected in its auto magazines; there are tens of magazines that evaluate vehicles under rigorous criteria.
Among them is Auto Bild, the country’s most prestigious, professional auto magazine. Published all over the world in over 20 languages including German, it is regarded highly professional and trustworthy as demonstrated by millions of subscribers including buyers of its physical copies and those visiting its website.
Auto Bild tests the performance of tires from global major brands every year. In the 2017 Auto Bild Winter Tire Test hosted by the magazine, NEXEN TIRE received strong ratings for two of its products.

N’blue 4Season (205/55R16) and WINGUARD Sport 2 (225/50R17), have performed successfully in All-Season and Winter tire tests, respectively, as conducted by Auto Bild, one of Germany’s most prestigious automobile magazines.
Winter Handling and Slalom are two most important elements in assessing All-Season tires. Considering the excellent results N’blue 4Season received in these categories, and its good price value, NEXEN TIRE’s N’blue 4Season ranked sixth overall amongst 25 global tires brands available in Europe, receiving an overall ‘Satisfactory’ rating in the evaluation.


Auto Bild also announced the results of its Winter Tire Test on October 6, in which NEXEN TIRE’s WINGUARD Sport 2 ranked tenth overall out of 50 products tested. WINGUARD Sport 2 received positive reviews in numerous assessment categories including Noise, Ride Comfort, Best Mileage and Snow and Wet Braking, Traction and Handling Balance category, receiving an overall evaluation of ‘Good.’ With its strong balance of qualities and excellent mileage, WINGUARD Sport 2 also received the ‘Eco-Meister 2017’ label.


NEXEN TIRE targets global top 10 by 2025 and the company will step forward with these good results.