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In Hot Pursuit of New Records Manchester City FC,
the Official Partner of NEXEN TIRE

NEXEN TIRE has a partner that mirrors its fearless thirst for challenges and undaunted passion: Manchester City FC in the English Premier League. Cited as one of the strongest teams in league history, the Sky Blues have been setting new records, one after another. Let's take a closer look at how well they are performing.

Manchester City FC has been an official partner of NEXEN TIRE since 2015. This season, they have established a firm grip on the top spot in the standings and are rewriting the history of European football.

First of all, they defeated Manchester United 2-1 in the Manchester Derby on December 10 and then Swansea City AFC 4-0 on December 13, Tottenham Hotspur FC 4-1 on December 16, setting a new record of 16 consecutive wins in the Premiere League. (as of Dec. 22)

This season, Manchester City FC scored as many as 56 goals, but conceded only 12 (as of Dec. 22). It is not only the team that is showing unprecedented performance: Sergio Agüero has scored more goals (182 goals up to Dec. 22) than anyone who ever played for the team while Kevin De Bruyne has assisted 35 goals (as of Dec. 22) since his joining the club in 2015, the highest number in the big 5 European leagues over the same period.

They have also made it to the semi-finals in the Carabao Cup, hosted by the Football Association and sponsored by Carabao Energy Drink of Thailand, and advanced to the quarter-finals in the UEFA Champions League after they proficiently took the top spot in Group F (as of Dec. 22).
At this rate, we might expect remarkable news next year that Manchester City FC has taken the title at the Carabao Cup as well as the Champions Leagues.

Take a closer look at the kits of Manchester City FC players and you will see NEXEN TIRE inscribed on their sleeves.
As Manchester City FC and the English Premier League's first ever 'official sleeve partner,' NEXEN TIRE will have its logo exposed on the sleeves of the kits for the next three seasons. NEXEN TIRE can be seen throughout Etihad Stadium, the home turf of the team. Visit the website for NEXEN TIRE X Manchester City FC to learn more about what NEXEN TIRE does through its partnership with the team.

NEXEN TIRE also maintains a partnership with other football clubs including Melbourne City FC, a sister Club of Manchester City FC, Eintracht Frankfurt of German Bundesliga and SSC Napoli of Italian Serie A.
Why is NEXEN TIRE so active in marketing using football? It is because football and NEXEN TIRE have many things in common: passion for goals, painstaking preparation for exemplary performance, recognition by people all over the world while delivering joys to them, and the fact that your generous support is needed, to name a few.
Stay tuned for future developments involving NEXEN TIRE and Manchester City FC!

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