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NEXEN TIRE Expands its Presence
in OE Tire Market

The ‘Original Equipment tires’ are the ones that manufacturer chose to fit on the vehicle when it is launched. OE tires are rigorously measured and evaluated to ensure that they stand up to the needed technology and performance needed for the vehicle. This may results in higher reliability on OE tires.
NEXEN TIRE has been supplying OE tires for global leading automakers, earning a solid reputation for their excellent performance. Let's take a look at some of those tires.

N’FERA RU1 x Porsche Macan

NEXEN TIRE has begun supplying original equipment (OE) tires for the sports car manufacturer Porsche for the second time. The selected tire, N’FERA RU1, is being supplied for Porsche’s compact luxury SUV, Macan, in sizes 235/55R19 101Y and 255/50R19 103Y.

As a UHP tire optimized for sports driving, N’FERA RU1 has already been supplied to Porsche for its luxury SUV Cayenne. In terms of the vehicle’s sports driving experience, N’FERA RU1 has unparalleled cornering stability and sports handling for high-speed driving. It is also equipped with 3D-Nano Grip Technology, which maximizes the braking capability of sports vehicles at high speeds. The tire also has aramid hybrid capply cord and special bead filler compound that enhances handling stability.

N’FERA RU1 has won nine design awards in Europe, America and Asia, including the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards and Japan’s Good Design Award, proving NEXEN TIRE’s excellence in design. The supply of OE tires further demonstrates NEXEN TIRE’s high quality and standards in providing optimized tires for extremely high-functioning vehicles.

“We are thrilled to be supplying original equipment tires for the sports car manufacturer Porsche which boasts truly world-class design and quality,” said CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “We will continually strive to improve NEXEN TIRE’s product quality and technology as well as to expand our OE supplies to more global carmakers. With our new Czech manufacturing plant soon to be operational, we will be better able to provide OE tires that cater to the needs of European carmakers.”

N’blue HD Plus x Volkswagen Polo and T-Roc / Skoda Superb and Karoq / Seat Ibiza and Ateca

NEXEN TIRE’s ‘N’blue HD Plus’ is supplied as OE tires to a number of European carmakers, including Volkswagen, SEAT and Škoda.

In comprehensive performance tests of summer tires conducted by prestigious German automobile magazines such as ADAC and AUTOBILD, ‘N’blue HD Plus’ proved itself to be an ideal summer tire with multiple faceted qualities by scoring well in various categories including excellent handling and braking performance on wet and dry surfaces.

‘N’blue HD Plus (215/45R17 91W)’ is equipped for the newly upgraded Polo, a compact hatchback and one of Volkswagen’s best-selling models with quality design and ride experience. The same tires in sizes 205/60R16 92V and 215/60R16 95V are fitted on Volkswagen’s T-Roc, its new compact SUV manufactured in Portugal.

NEXEN TIRE also supplied ‘N’blue HD Plus’ for the Spanish automobile brand SEAT. SEAT’s steady-selling hatchback model, Ibiza, is equipped with the tires in size 215/45R17 91W in addition to SEAT’s first SUV Ateca, which also be fitted with the same tires in size 215/60R16 95V.

Additionally, two models from the Czech auto brand Škoda is also equipped with the same tires. Škoda’s top model, Superb, used ‘N’blue HD Plus (215/60R16 95V)’ as an OE tire, as Karoq, a mid-size SUV manufactured to reinforce Škoda’s SUV line-up.

NEXEN TIRE also supplies OE tires for other international automakers including Fiat, Chrysler and Renault-Daimler as well as Hyundai and Kia. This would not have been possible without technology and performance. Keep watching how many more vehicles will roll out with NEXEN TIRE's products.