What do you think you’re doing? Not in my car! For many drivers, the car is their sanctuary. Yet, like any sanctuary, there are rules of decorum that must be followed. So, what are these rules?

Don’t be disgusting.

"Don’t pick and flick. Don’t throw any your trash in the car secretly, thinking I won’t notice. I will, and you won’t be offered another ride.”
Who likes having to clean their car unnecessarily? Throwing away detritus in a car, instead of the trash can, is just giving that driver a headache down the line. Don’t do it.

Electric seats are not a toy!

"Weeeee~~" "Weeeee~~" Stop playing with the electric seats!
How old are you? It’s easy to forget what you see a new gadget, right? Just remember, there’s a time and place for playing around, and it’s not when you’re sitting next a driver on the open road with oncoming traffic. Distractions can put you at risk.
Plus, if you’re ‘innocent fun’ leads to one of the electric seats breaking, then are you prepared to pay for its replacement? As the children’s rhyme goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
Sure, enjoy the seats as seats, but not as toys. In your own car, do as you please!

Get your feet off the dashboard!

"Get your feet off the dashboard, this isn’t a play-pen"
Isn’t putting your feet on the dashboard something children are told off for doing? Then, why should adults think it’s ok?
No matter how tired you are, 9 times out of 10, the driver’s feeling it worse. Plus, he or she has to concentrate on the road. No one likes smelly feet, least of all when their waggled around on the dashboard. No stamping on the windshield, no feet on the dash. It’s very much the little things that count in the car. Stay respectful, keep your feet out of sight and out of mind!

No smoking, thank you.

“I would never smoke in my car, even though I’m a really heavy smoker.”
Smoking outside is harder than ever before with new government regulation, which tempts many to smoke in the car.
But, spare a thought for your poor smoking inside it leaves the lingering smell of toxic ash everywhere. Nobody likes cigarette breath, but imagine forcing someone to travel in a confined smoking box for several hours. It’s like the kiss of death for those dating. If you respect the driver, then just hold off smoking when you’re in their.