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CJ Logistics Racing CJ Logistics Racing is a prestigious professional racing team with 15 years of experience that has nurtured many of Korea's top drivers. The team carries on the legacy of the CJ Racing Team, which was initiated by the CJ Group back in 2008. With the 2023 season, the team is participating under the official tire partnership with NEXEN TIRE.

Racer Profile

Oh Han Sol
  • - 2022 SuperRace Championship SUPER 6000 14th overall, 5th in rounds 1
  • - 2019 SuperRace Championship GT 3rd overall
  • - 2018 SuperRace Championship GT 2nd overall
Park Jun Seo
  • - 2022 SuperRace Championship GT 3rd overall
  • - 2021 SuperRace Championship GT 15th overall
  • - 2020 SuperRace Championship GT 8th overall
  • - 2019 SuperRace Championship GT 13th overall


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